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Well Kill

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AGR Consultancy

At this time of transition in the energy industry, organisations need a trusted recruitment partner able to provide them with carefully selected professional experts in a wide range of skill areas. We wouldn't place anyone in your team we wouldn't have in ours.

Well Management and Engineering

Well Management

We draw upon a deep well of experience, use the lessons learnt from one region to another and combine this with our entrepreneurial approach to Well  Management.

Well Engineering

We offer technical and engineering consulting services to help our clients design, plan, and execute well projects that optimize well productivity and drilling efficiency while minimizing risk.

Well Control & Blowout Contingency

Conducting studies and providing solutions for blowout contingency, we adopt a preventive approach to mitigate costs and minimize risks associated with drilling operations. We strengthen your well kill taskforce by providing you with proven solutions to enhance your team's capabilities.

Technical Safety & Risk Management

Our goal is to furnish organizations with sustainable safety and risk management solutions at corporate, project, and operational levels, ensuring compliance with legislative and corporate requirements.

Reservoir Management & Asset Evaluation

Reservoir Management & Subsurface

Deploying outstanding reservoir management and subsurface skills has never been more important to companies in achieving the right outcomes from their subsurface investments.

Asset Evaluations and Reserves

We understand the critical importance of accurate and reliable reserves and resources reporting for your business.

Operations Geology

Wellsite & Operations Geology

Continuity in wellsite and operations geology team offers a wealth of advantages. From enhanced safety and performance efficiency to seamless knowledge transfer, mobilising a trusted and skilled team of experts yields valuable returns.

Well Decommissioning

Well Decommissioning

When a well reaches the end of its productive life, trust our team to safely and efficiently decommission and abandon the well in compliance with all regulatory requirements.