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Strategic Security Management

We are ISO 9001 certified and provide comprehensive support to onshore, offshore, energy, marine and major hazardous facilities worldwide. Our aim is to provide organizations with sustainable safety and risk management solutions at corporate, project, and operational levels, all in alignment with standards such as AS/NZ 4801, OHSAS 18001, ISO 31000, 14001, and 9001.

You can count on us to minimize risk exposure and ensure effective safety management of operating assets through our advisory services, customized systems, and specialized training.

With over 35 years of experience, we have a deep understanding of the regulatory environment. You’ll benefit from access to the most current regulations, policies, and guidelines, as we diligently stay informed of any changes or updates to ensure compliance with the highest safety standards.

Our team of experienced security professionals from highly disciplined and skilled backgrounds offer:

  • Security Contingency Planning
  • Security Threat/Risk Assessments
  • Country Reports – including risk profiles, briefs and guidelines
  • Review, development and implementation of Security Plans
  • Crisis and Emergency Management – planning/testing
  • Evacuation planning, implementation and coordination
  • Counter Terrorism planning, implementation and training
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Assessments – protection of personnel/physical assets
  • Close Personnel Protection
  • Port Facility, off/onshore Facility and Vessel Security Plans
  • Anti-piracy crew training and vessel ‘hardening’ preparedness
  • Vessel Security Emergency Procedures
  • ISPS Code Security Planning
  • ISM Code Management Systems

We conduct thorough risk assessments to identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities facing your organization. Our expert analysts analyze various factors to develop a comprehensive understanding of your security landscape.

Based on the findings of our risk assessments, we work closely with our clients to develop a customized security strategy aligned with your organization’s goals, objectives, and risk tolerance. Our strategies encompass a range of security measures and technologies to mitigate identified risks effectively.

We assist in the implementation of security programs and initiatives to enhance your organization’s security posture. Our experienced team collaborates with your stakeholders to deploy security solutions that are practical, cost-effective, and sustainable.

We offer tailored security training and awareness programs to educate your employees and stakeholders on security best practices, procedures, and protocols. By promoting a culture of security awareness, we empower your team to identify and respond to security threats effectively.

Staff security management training programs include:

  • Staff Security Training and Development
  • Training of Security & Emergency Teams
  • Anti-piracy Crew Training
  • Modified Vehicle Training
  • Hostile Environment Driver Training
  • Situational Awareness Training
  • Security Orientated Training Programs

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