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Well Engineering

Our clients trust us to provide them well engineering consultancy that helps them achieve increased well performance and drilling cost efficiency, no matter the well project. Our well engineering experts design, plan and manage all types of exploration, development, production, storage and disposal wells, across vertical, horizontal or multi-laterals; in depleted reservoirs or HPHT environment; onshore or offshore; subsea or platform; shallow or deep water; remote location and harsh environments.

In 2023, we joined forces with Add Energy‘s Well Management & Well Engineering teams. With combined operational expertise spanning over 70 years, we have created a knowledge heavy partner for energy companies around the globe.

We understand that well planning can be a complex process. That’s why we believe in a collaborative approach to well engineering and well design. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their well project objectives are met.

Our team of well engineering experts is available to provide advice and support at every stage of the well design process, from initial concept development through to project execution and closeout.

We are accredited ISO consultancy, coupled with our internal controls and processes that align with major operators, ensure that we consistently deliver quality and consistency on every project. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and tailor our solutions accordingly, providing flexible and cost-effective services that meet their unique requirements.

Our Well Engineering Solutions:

  • Identify optimal field development options
  • Enhance production rates through optimised well design
  • Ensure compliance with legislation and standards
  • Unlock drilling cost saving opportunities
  • Assure life-cycle well integrity and safety
  • Obtain strategic advice from well experts
  • Identify life extension opportunities
  • Identify carbon storage (CCS) sequestration development options
  • Fit for purpose Plug and Abandonment process solutions
  • Identify sand management solution and performance improvement

Concept, Screening, Feasibility and Field Development Studies

Our clients gain access to meticulous crafting of wide spectrum of development scenarios. These scenarios, encompassing diverse well designs, rig strategies, and execution options, are strategically linked to accurate life-of-field cost estimates. This approach empowers clients to identify and pursue the most optimal development options, ensuring precision, cost-effectiveness, and alignment with their strategic goals.

Well Completion Design

Our tailored engineering solutions provide clients with precision in design, ensuring seamless alignment with field development plans for increased efficiency. Prioritizing life cycle well integrity enhances long-term operational reliability. By selecting the best-suited technology and conducting thorough analyses, we optimize production, reducing operational costs. A comprehensive approach involving tubing stress analysis, completion design, metallurgy assessment ensure a robust overall solution. Meticulous sand control and fluids design contribute to risk mitigation, fostering a smoother and more reliable operation. In essence, our engineering solutions deliver client value by improving operational performance, reducing risks, and optimizing production outcomes.

Well Test Design

We define the well test string, select components, and specify surface processing equipment to attain the objectives of the flow test. Utilizing industry known technologies, we calculate loads on the test string, ensuring accurate and efficient testing processes.

Field Conversion to Carbon Storage Sequestration (CCS)

Our experts are well experienced to provide an evaluation for the conversion of an existing oil field and hydrocarbon reservoir into a CO2 storage facility. This includes a comprehensive assessment of well integrity and a thorough risk review, particularly focusing on out-of-zone injection scenarios.

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What we do

Well Design Studies

We formulate a well design basis and harness our experience spanning 35+ years to achieve the well's objectives, whether exploration, production, or injection, in a safe and cost-efficient manner.

Production Optimisation

You can count on us to help you maximize your economic returns - we identify and implement designs and techniques to enhance production.

Well Verification Studies

We help acquire the technical verification essential for confidently advancing the well project, additionally advising an improvement roadmap to mitigate risks and ensure maximum return on investment.

Well Examination

In our capacity as an independent competent person, we provide assurance at various stages of well maturity, ensuring alignment with industry standards.

Well Cost & Time

By combining our well construction expertise, derived from successfully delivering over 660 well projects, with a field-proven well time and cost estimation tool, businesses can make more informed decisions. Our integrated approach helps to enhance analysis of all available data to empower decision-making processes.

Drilling License & Permits

Our regulatory compliance management specialists offer assistance with compiling and reviewing regulatory documentation, guiding clients through the many obstacles to success.

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