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While geothermal energy offers huge potential, it presents technological and commercial challenges that are yet to be overcome. AGR is working with investors and operators focused on navigating these obstacles, providing the expertise needed to make this renewable power available to all.

Providing the skills required to evaluate geothermal viability

The viability of geothermal energy depends on a number of factors – from high temperature to the permeability of rocks and fluid content. If this combination is right, creating geothermal power from it at scale requires direct use of the subsurface heat before transformation to electricity in hydrothermal power plants takes place. Because of this, multi-disciplined operational experience is needed to ensure safe and successful projects.

AGR’s geothermal specialists work in partnership with clients to help them solve their evolving energy challenges. Our experience spans across reservoirs, geoscience assessments, well engineering and drilling project management. And it is this wide set of skills that we provide to clients in the geothermal area.

Our knowledge of the sub-surface, which we have gained over three decades, places us perfectly to help operators achieve their geothermal aims.

We provide regional screenings of geothermal resources and geological characterisations of potential assets. Our specialists are able to describe and analyse the geology rock types and structure geology with stress/strain systems, faults, fractures and temperature.

In the geophysics discipline, we employ gravity, magnetics and seismic techniques to identify and define geothermal resources. Traditional 3D geological mapping is still required in this field, but we also contribute to simulation of heat flows, as well as fracture and stimulation modelling of geothermal wells.

Navigating uncertainties and overcoming complexities

We help clients navigate their way through the complex set of geological, technological and commercial challenges they face, including:

  • The deep and high temperature environment
  • Low reservoir pressure/total lost circulation
  • Drilling the reservoir section in often hard and abrasive formations
  • High mass flow rates and energy
  • Large wellbore and casing sizes
  • High well longevity
  • Different production profiles/timeframes compared to oil and gas
  • Risk of mechanical casing damage
  • Taylor made completion methods
  • Issues with scaling and corrosion from high temperature production fluids

These difficulties result in longer drilling days, more expensive equipment and higher costs compared to conventional drilling for oil and gas prospects. And because the value of heat is significantly lower than hydrocarbon values, the often unclear economic case makes it harder to justify the green light for many projects. Our experience and the insight we offer helps bring clarity for decision making in this uncertain environment.

For example, AGR recently conducted a mapping project for a client to identify the heat systems in Australia where drilling extra deep wells for geothermal purposes might be undertaken. Our proprietary software, iQx™, also played a key role in producing better informed economic forecasts for investors in this and other geothermal wells.

A bespoke service for established investors and new entrants

We offer investors large and small, established energy companies and new entrants a bespoke service delivered by our most experienced well management specialists. This includes:

  • Design and implementation of geoenergy exploration
  • Design, execution and interpretation of well logging and testing
  • Geoscience consultancy and subsurface modelling and simulation
  • Project management and feasibility studies
  • Real-time cost and time estimates and monitoring

Drilling software iQx™

AGR Software’s iQx™ platform provides a number of plug-and-play applications that offer energy investors greater clarity over expected project costs, timeframes and the potential risks attached. By interpreting real-time data, our portfolio of software solutions deliver live and comprehensive insight into existing or planned wells to enable better informed, more collaborative and agile decision making.

The platform includes the following applications:

PLANSProbabilistic time and cost estimation

CT ™ – Actual Time and Cost tracking

Ex™ – Learning from experiences

RIG – Drilling unit planning and scheduling

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