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Our story

From our Norwegian heritage with deep roots in Reservoir and Well Management, AGR has built a global, multi-disciplinary energy consultancy and resourcing powerhouse that is trusted by clients to deliver anything from sourcing a single consultant and providing the best software to delivering an integrated energy project.

Having integrated the expertise of Well Engineering, Blowout Contingency & Well Control, Technical Safety & Risk Management, and CCS from Add Energy under the AGR brand, we are optimally positioned to support our clients throughout every stage of their project’s lifecycle.


Well projects delivered across 6 continents


Years’ experience on average for our Reservoir Management team members


Expert consultants placed in 100+ locations


Blowout contingency plans compiled


Safety cases drafted and approved


Well Engineering studies delivered

The best-resourced

Operations & Wellsite Geologists' team working on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

Proprietary software

developed to enable game-changing efficiencies in well time and cost management

Our clients range from multi-national energy companies to smaller, independent E&P, geothermal, and CCS developers, policy makers and the financial investor community. An impressive portfolio of organisations have trusted us with projects worth billions of dollars.

As an end-to-end provider, we offer consultancy and solutions from defining the value of reserves and resources, through to compliance and management process support, exploration and asset development, through production and increased recovery to decommissioning.

We have detailed knowledge of all major hydrocarbon provinces, are trusted advisor to governments in developing regulatory frameworks and develop in-house software to empower automation and accelerate digitalisation in well construction and drilling.

The resourcing arm of our business has been at the forefront of recruiting and sourcing expert skills. Our business excels in providing personnel across diverse disciplines, including D&W, subsurface, cost management, HSEQ, mechanical engineering, and more, including the latest ventures in new low carbon industries.

As of 2023, we became member the ABL Group family (OSE: ABL Group ASA – ticker code “ABL”) – a leading independent global consultancy delivering energy, marine, engineering and digital solutions to drive safety and sustainability in renewables, maritime and oil and gas sectors. Following the acquisition, two ABL Group companies, AGR and Add Energy combined their expert services in drilling, wells, CCUS, and geothermal, under the AGR brand.

As part of ABL Group, we are financially robust, well-run and resilient. We draw on our Group’s global footprint of world-class expertise from more than 39 offices worldwide, making AGR well-placed to respond to client needs through our agility and creative approach to problem-solving.

Adapting to transition

We’ve been navigating the changing demands of the cyclical oil and gas industry for years. Always adapting and innovating, we’ve been evolving our business to meet the changing demands of the wider energy industry, its stakeholders and investors.

The journey towards net-zero is accelerating at pace and AGR is well-placed to respond to client needs through our agility and creative approach to problem-solving.

Creative problem solvers

The sheer scale of our breadth of experience and depth of our knowledge is what sets us apart. We may have grown and extended our global reach but we remain agile in our delivery and friendly in our approach.

We’re honest and transparent with a can-do attitude to creative problem solving. We break down barriers and put no limits on our creativity and imagination.

That’s why we are on a journey to lead the way in solving the evolving energy challenges of tomorrow, together with our clients.

Meet our people

AGR has some of the best people in the business who, day-in, day-out challenge, pioneer and work hard to deliver a quality of service that is second to none. Their skills, expertise and experience speak for themselves.

Senior Geophysicist

Carolina Perez-Garcia, PhD

Carolina is an Exploration Geoscientist at our Oslo office...

Position: Senior Geophysicist
Hobbies: kayaking
Location: Oslo, Norway
Joined AGR: 2013

As exploration geoscientist, Carolina Perez-Garcia assists our clients in concession rounds regarding seismic interpretation, prospect evaluation, volume calculation and risk assessment. As member of our Reservoir Management & Asset Evaluation team she also participates in data rooms and develops multi-client studies on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Originally from Southern Spain, Carolina moved to Norway to obtain her PhD within multidisciplinary analysis of sediment mobilisation and fluid flow features. Throughout her career, Carolina has gathered experience in working at different locations like the Mediterranean Sea, the Gulf of Cadiz, Norwegian North Sea and the Barents Sea.

Carolina says she especially likes the multi-cultural environment at AGR and the wide variety of projects she can utilise her previous skills on. She adds working in a service company has helped her understand the energy industry from Operator and service contractor perspective in comparison to more academic society she worked at prior to joining AGR.

Carolina also mentions her skillful and talented colleagues whom she enjoys meeting for skiing and kayaking after office hours.

Senior Software Developer

Yngve F. Johansen

Yngve develops our iQx™ platform as Senior Software Developer...

Position: Senior Software Developer
Hobbies: cycling
Location: Oslo, Norway
Joined AGR: 2012

Our Senior Software Developer Yngve Johansen has developed software for Kongsberg Oil and Gas and ConocoPhillips.

Yngve joined AGR Software early 2012, after having gained extensive experience developing software at Sense Intellifield, an innovative supplier of e-field technologies; where he and his team worked with both industry known software SiteCom as well as Discovery Web programmes.

The acquisition of Sense Intellifield by Kongsberg Oil & Gas, prompted Yngve to move on, as he prefers to be part of a small, agile team; which is exactly what AGR Software offers.

Daily tasks cover not only software maintenance, but also directly assisting clients. When asked what Yngve likes most about his job, he highlights the exciting nature of continuously facing new challenges and the opportunity to solve them creatively.

As the team is small and agile, developers at AGR Software are fully versed with intricate functionalities and engage with each other at every level, which ensures the full incorporation of both knowledge and experience from the entire team when solving problems.

Petroleum Engineer - consultant

Ellen Strøm

Ellen is a Petroleum Engineer and works as a permanent consultant at AGR Consultancy...

Position: Improvement Engineer
Job Location: Stavanger, Norway
AGR Consultant Since: November 2017


In addition to being an avid knitter and loving all types of fermenting and cooking, my dog and I are certified as visitation dog and handler. He and I actively train and have done both agility and search and detection courses, and we used to visit nursing homes on a regular basis before he got too old.

Ellen, what made you choose a career in Energy?
Quite simply, a career in energy provides endless possibilities, and I have held many and very varied positions. I love learning new things and taking on new challenges, plus there’s never a dull moment in our fast-pace, ever-changing work environment.

Currently I work as a consultant for Aker BP.

What makes AGR different for you in comparison with other consultancies?
To be honest, I’ve not worked with any other consultancy, but what I like and I suppose what makes me stay, is the close relationships I have with colleagues; it feels like we have a real ‘AGR-family.’

What has been your biggest achievement since joining AGR and what role did AGR Consultancy play?
Without a doubt, one of my biggest achievements since joining AGR was when I was asked to be lead engineer for the Jette Field P&A planning. At that point, I had never been the lead on any project of that magnitude.

Of course we faced many challenges, but as a team we were very successful at the end. There were several AGR consultants on the team as well, and we all worked together, supported each other, and helped each other succeed.

It was fantastic!

Wellsite Geologist

Garry Benjamin Paton

Garry is a Wellsite Geologist working on the Norwegian Continental Shelf...

Position: Wellsite Geologist
Hobbies: Astronomy, reading, my family
Location: working on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
Joined AGR: 2006

First, about the hobbies.

I have an 8” Dobsonian reflector telescope at home and have been an amateur astronomer for the past 15 years. I’ve also recently successfully completed an online course with the Open University in the UK.

When it comes to reading, I enjoy a broad spectrum of genres, including science fiction and fiction classics from the 1950s – 1970s, for example, John Steinbeck, Ray Bradbury and the like, as well as history and science, for example, Richard Dawkins, Richard Fortey, etc.

My wife and I have two lovely boys, Glen, who’s 15 and Gavin, 12. I enjoy spending time with them, with activities such as swimming, cycling and the outdoors. As a result of Covid, I’ve also been spending time home-schooling the boys in all aspects, including maths and chemistry. And of course, for my wife, I always make time.

And then work, of course.

What does your average day look like, Garry?

As an Offshore Wellsite Geologist, to broadly summarise, I’m required to interpret the stratigraphy as the well is being drilled. This is very important, as we are required to ensure that a particular borehole section interval is drilled to a certain depth in a particular formation, to ensure we always have complete well control. To enable this process, I utilise two sources of information, principally the drilled cuttings and the logging measurements (LWD).

I’m also required to ensure we have no indications of formation pore pressure that is higher than prognosed. Other work requirements include such tasks as wireline operations supervision, coring operations, as well as writing and completing wellsite logs, Well End Reports and other admin tasks.

Tell us a bit about your career development at AGR.

Prior to joining AGR, I was a Wellsite Geologist with another energy consultancy. I joined AGR, as I wanted to continue in this particular type of work on a permanent contract with more variety in terms of clients and projects. My job at AGR has enabled me to work with a wide range of clients, offering a wide variety of hydrocarbon fields and projects, which have greatly enhanced my experience.

What did you do before joining AGR?

Life before AGR took me down many paths. Firstly, I was in the army for four years with military service in Germany and the Middle East. I then left the army and completed my bachelors in geology at Imperial College, London and made millions of pizzas in my then part-time work. I also worked for the University of Ottawa, where I managed to accidently overturn a student minibus in Quebec. I also managed to complete my Master’s in petroleum geology at Aberdeen University.

I have worked for various service companies, including wireline work in remote Uganda and Alberta, Canada.

What does AGR do to enable your professional advancement and work-life balance?

AGR have provided me with a sensible work-life balance, in addition to a solid work environment with lots of variety. Obviously, with Covid it hasn’t been ideal, but as a team we’ve done our best to deal with it.

Product Owner - iQx™ software

Daria Krasova

Daria helps the leading energy companies to improve their well delivery performance...

Position: Product Owner (iQx™ software)
Hobbies: Travelling, Dancing
Location: Oslo, Norway
Joined AGR: 2011

Daria Krasova joined AGR’s Exploration team as Senior Geoscientist when her company, First Geo, one of the most prominent subsurface consultancies in Norway, joined forces with AGR in early 2019.

Daria joined a service company because she wanted to be in fast paced environment that challenged and broadened her professional skillset. AGR does just that.

Over the course of her career in geoscience, Daria gained proven experience in Rock physics, Modelling, Interpretation, Seismic data processing for license application rounds, redeterminations – and worked on exploration projects large and small, on local and regional levels, and with data sets from across the globe.

At present, she is with AGR’s iQx™ team and helps the software users to improve performance in their well delivery in addition to assisting the Sales team of iQx™. She is very happy with the support she receives from her colleagues, which allows her to expand her skills and knowledge into drilling and well engineering sphere.

Outside the realm of work, Daria enjoys spending time with her daughter and reading about new research in psychology. However, to really unwind, she takes to the dancefloor and even teaches Brazilian zouk and West Coast Swing in a local dance studio.

Senior Drilling Engineer

Stephen Smith

Stephen plays an integral role for delivery of our clients' well projects...

Position: Senior Drilling Engineer
Job Location: Perth
Joined AGR: 2012
Hobbies: Sport, enjoying the outdoors

Stephen, what made you pick a career in Energy?
During my first year of university, while enrolled in a civil engineering degree, the opportunity arose to switch into petroleum engineering in the second year. After a little bit of research of what the oil and gas industry entailed, it appeared there were many possibilities to experience working abroad, and on projects and with technologies that are very dynamic. I found this quite appealing.

Tell us a bit about your career development at AGR
I started out as a junior trying to learn the trade of planning and drilling an offshore well, to now having an integral role for delivery of our well projects.

Working for the company has provided diverse opportunities, including working on drilling projects in house, on secondment to other Operators locally, and the chance to work overseas while on secondment. I’ve worked in countries including: Morocco, Senegal, Mauritania, and Suriname. This has provided exposure to a wide range of experiences and practices to learn from. Being a part of the AGR team has also always meant working in small project teams, providing exposure to all aspects of a drilling project outside of engineering; including contracts, regulatory and project management.

What does AGR do to enable your professional advancement and work-life balance?
Having started with the company out of university, AGR was on the front foot with providing further training and development specifically in the field of well engineering. In the first few years I was enrolled in a well engineering competency programme, which I think provided a valuable set of core skills and competencies from early in my career.

The AGR family has a strong work-life balance culture. We are given the flexibility to work from home when it may be necessary to fit in with personal demands. So it is evident that we are trusted to manage our own business and get the work done when required, which is a great environment to work in.

Petrophysicist - consultant

Ashraf Elmekawy

Ash is Petrophysicist and works as a permanent consultant at AGR Consultancy in Norway...

Position: Petrophysicist
Hobbies: squash, reading, socialising
Location: Stavanger, Norway
AGR Consultant Since: 2018

What made you pick a career in Energy?
I’ve had a longstanding interest in geology; furthermore, I think it’s fascinating that every well is like a new puzzle to solve.

What makes AGR different for you in comparison with other consultancies?
In addition to high levels of professionalism and a success-driven culture, our team feels more like a family and that makes business more enjoyable.

What has been your biggest achievement since joining AGR and what role did AGR Consultancy play?
I wouldn’t focus too much on one single achievement, but more on the fact that at AGR, I have been able to participate in a wide range of projects on different teams. This has meant being part of major exploration and development projects, where new technologies and methods were deployed to minimise risks and maximise success rates, which I have found very rewarding.

Reservoir Engineering Advisor

Yue-Lu You, PhD

Yue-Lu has extensive experience in reservoir modelling and reservoir simulation...

Position: Reservoir Engineering Advisor
Hobbies: Travelling, history, good food
Location: Oslo, Norway
Joined AGR: 2023

Our Reservoir Engineering Advisor Yue-Lu joined AGR in 2023 after having worked with the company as an Associate Reservoir Consultant.

Originally from China, Yue-Lu came to Norway in 1979 to attain a PhD in Petroleum Reservoir Technology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

With a career spanning more than 30 years, he has extensive experience in reservoir modelling and simulation across Norwegian North Sea sandstone reservoirs and carbonate reservoirs in the UAE.

He’s also highly proficient with a range of software, including ECLIPSE and MEPO, RMS and Tempest (Roxar), CMG and Petrel RE, as well as Petroleum Experts and Petroleum Solutions UK.

In his spare time, Yue-Lu enjoys good food, travelling and spending time with his family. He lives in Oslo with his wife, with his two adult daughters living close by.

Senior Production Engineer

Trina Morillo

Specialising in well integrity, Trina works as part of our Well Intervention Team...

Position: Senior Production Engineer
Job Location: Perth, Australia
Joined AGR/Add Energy: 2015
Hobbies: Crossfit

Can you share a snapshot of your career history?

I’ve had a diverse career where I’ve delved into many aspects within the oil and gas industry, expanding my expertise in maintenance and operations to well production and optimisation. I began my career with Schlumberger in Venezuela where I’m originally from, before taking a step into a Maintenance Analyst role at Chevron. I’ve also enjoyed a consultancy-based role at Helix RDS which was later acquired by BakerHughes. Prior to joining AGR, I worked at Chevron again on the Wheatstone Project in Australia.

What attracted you to join Add Energy/AGR?

I was interested in Add Energy/AGR focus on well integrity and extensive experience in NORSOK industry standards. On the back of that, Add Energy/AGR had developed very good working relations with various operators over the years which also meant they consistently had great opportunities for those with similar backgrounds to me. All of these were in line with my career goals.

Can you tell us a bit about your role as Senior Production Engineer?

Specialising in well integrity, I support and work closely with the Well Intervention Team in Perth on one of their assigned gas well assets. It’s my job to review that all wells are within their operating limits, as well as carrying out investigations and risk assessments that will address any issues or concerns. I’m also involved in well intervention and maintenance activities, and have the crucial responsibility of reporting any well events to the regulator in Australia.

I try to go out at least once per quarter to the platform to maintain that strong relationship and communication with my offshore colleagues – some queries can be difficult to solve over email and can really benefit from that in-person interaction.