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As the energy sector turns towards hydrogen as a sustainable and economically viable source of power, investors urgently need independent and expert analysis they can rely on.

The stakes are high. Governments, major energy companies and new entrants realise the value of hydrogen. But the trusted evaluation upon which investment decisions must rest is in short supply.

Unlocking the full potential of hydrogen

Over the years, hydrogen has mostly been utilised in refineries and as raw material for ammonia and fertilizer production. However, this sector is now on the cusp of unlocking hydrogen’s full potential as a key player in the energy transition.

Because wind and solar can be used to produce hydrogen through electrolysis of water – known as green hydrogen, or as steam methane reforming (SMR) using natural gas – hydrogen is entering a new chapter.

Most hydrogen production is through SMR, with COa byproduct that can be stored underground, as blue hydrogen. And so with hydrogen as an energy source or as a means of storing energy, its role in the transition to green energy is assured.

But as with any major change, care in the evaluation of projects is key.

A trusted and proven partner

AGR evaluates the natural gas reservoirs that can serve as a source for blue hydrogen.

Our teams of highly qualified and globally experienced scientists provide independent analysis that investors and operators can trust as the basis for major investment decisions.

We also offer expertise in CCUS, to evaluate and certify the COstorage and underground storage of hydrogen. Our experts help clients realise and unlock opportunities to enhance hydrocarbon recovery and identify where additional hydrocarbons from COinjection may be used, as an additional source for blue hydrogen.

AGR can verify and certify energy projects involving hydrogen production from natural gas and underground storage projects. The ESG aspects of hydrogen projects can be included in independent evaluations or CPR’s including energy use, COemissions and other environmental issues.

Navigating opportunities across hydrogen

Our experts are proven in evaluating oil and gas reservoirs, having partnered with large and small investors globally to assess their energy assets and strategies for success.

The work we have completed on projects related to CCUS means our teams are equipped with valuable experience that can be applied not just to hydrogen, but a range of storage projects.

Working across the spectrum of opportunities

  • Oil and gas recovery
  • Enhanced oil and gas recovery
  • COinjection
  • CCUS
  • Hydrogen underground storage

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