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Well Management

We draw upon a deep well of experience, use the lessons learnt from one region to another and combine this with our entrepreneurial approach to Well Project Management.

Our clients trust us to deliver services that enable them to achieve increased operational safety, operational performance and cost savings.

Well construction and well project management is a complete service including personnel, IT, Well Management management system (Locally ISO Accredited), Infrastructure, Well Engineering Software, Contracting and Procurement, Logistics, Accounting and Regulatory approvals, all with our own personnel and offices which have a fully equipped Emergency Response Room, should the need arise.

Our well construction, well planning and drilling project management  division is globally acclaimed for providing cutting-edge, environmentally conscious, and cost-effective solutions to critical exploration, production, and abandonment challenges. Recognizing the uniqueness of each project, we collaborate closely with our clients, tailoring our services to meet their specific needs.

The significance of partnering with a Well Management provider boasting a proven track record cannot be overstated. The regulator’s familiarity with us and our well delivery management system eliminates substantial risk from the project. Our expertise in contracting rigs and services has consistently resulted in significant cost savings, amounting to millions of dollars for our clients.

Our experience

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What we do

Well Design, Operations Planning & Drilling

A service designed to meet every type of client requirement.

Well Integrity & Assurance

Delivering well integrity support for over 35 years.

Well Operation & Maintenance

Chosen in full confidence.

Well Intervention & Servicing

Unrivalled experience in high risk situations.

Well Activity Program

Trusted studies that inform major investment decisions

Well Contracting Models

Flexibility and expertise are our guiding principles.

Well Operations Supply Chain & Procurement

Access to wide network of suppliers.

Rig Selection Procurement & Rig Intake

A complete supply chain management solution that maximises efficiency.

The value we bring

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Quality Team – planning for success

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Well-connected to effectively manage services and subcontractors

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Project Excellence through Service Delivery Process with impressive delivery history

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Transfer of Lessons Learned for Continuous Improvement

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