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Rig Selection Procurement & Rig Intake

Our team is dedicated to sourcing rigs and making sure we secure the optimum availability for clients, while providing expert technical insight into the selection of the right rig.

Sourcing intelligence is vital

Reliable and up to date global intelligence on rig use is key to the sourcing stage. To help us achieve this, we maintain a detailed inventory of the location and status of rigs worldwide. This provides live market analysis of their performance, contracting history and availability.

Our technical experts, who have experience of all types of rigs and the technologies required to optimise drilling performance, recommend the most appropriate rig to our clients. Because of their wide networks of contacts in supply and user communities, and their detailed knowledge of this sector of the equipment industry, this team is also strongly positioned to negotiate the optimum rig pricing.

Environmental, social and governance performance in the supply chain

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations are fundamental to AGR, along with the clients we support. AGR’s ESG services help determine how an organisation is run, whether from our regional bases, onshore or offshore anywhere in the world.

Our environmental assessments evaluate the location, type and scale of the operation and identify the action that must be taken to ensure high standards of environmental stewardship are implemented and maintained.

As a business, AGR is taking important steps in the transition to net zero. Our ESG development group oversees this strategy which is designed to reduce our own emissions and achieve carbon neutrality for the projects we have direct control over.

Where we have limited control, we are forced to think more creatively. But whether it’s influencing key stakeholders or exploring ways to reduce emissions throughout the project supply chain, we possess the skills, understanding and experience to maximise efficiency.

We hold ourselves accountable too. All our ESG objectives have been endorsed at senior management level and progress is regularly scrutinised by the AGR management team. Our ESG goals form part of a wider package of HSEQ objectives which are communicated to our entire workforce.

AGR’s overarching ESG goal

Our overarching ESG goal is made up of two key components:

We aim to minimise the impact of our own operations through the use of new technology, improved working practices and by fostering a culture that not only promotes environmental stewardship but demands it.

This ethos and the working practices that support it sit at the heart of our business model. It allows us to deliver the highest levels of environmental performance as an organisation and on behalf of our clients.

A strategic approach to ESG

Through careful planning and analysis, we are able to continually hone and improve our own ESG performance and that of our clients.

A key part of our mid to long term ESG goal is to overhaul our procurement strategy, to enhance and give greater visibility to our environmental performance. S.M.A.R.T criteria will help us deliver this. Additionally, all operations that we manage during the course of a contract are monitored, measured and reviewed against key performance indicators.

We also focus our efforts in areas where we can make the biggest difference, such as transportation and rig operations, while identifying and implementing incremental changes across all aspects of operations.

CO2 emission monitoring

Through data analysis and the continuous monitoring of our environmental impact, we are better placed to reduce it. We also utilise state of the art equipment and energy efficient technology, partner with sustainable electricity providers and encourage staff to consider their environmental footprint.

We measure our carbon footprint across the following areas:

  • Facility utilities
  • Facility air conditioning
  • Road transportation
  • Shipping, logistics and couriers
  • Flights
  • Rail
  • Hotels
  • Office consumables

Alongside this, AGR participates in several carbon offset schemes to mitigate unavoidable COemissions and achieved a carbon neutrality certification.

Identifying, recording and maintaining a register of environmental risks

We are committed to preventing pollution and reducing our emissions. It’s our aim to manage the environmental impacts of all our operations and ensure compliance with the HSEQ Policy, CMAPP and environmental legislation.

To achieve this, we go to great lengths to identify all environmental risks of any activity carried out. Each possible impact is recorded in an operational-specific register. Outputs, including arrangements for preventing, responding to and mitigating incidents that may cause environmental damage are detailed in our Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (OPEPs).

Environmental innovation in action

One example of our energy efficiency measures in action is the processing of contaminated wellbore fluids offshore. This is now performed in a way that allows for discharge at source – a method that significantly reduces waste volumes generated during abandonment operations, reduces the HSE risks associated with skip and ship operations and provides a lower carbon drilling waste processing option by eliminating onshore transportation and processing.

Offering new opportunities for cost reduction

In close collaboration with clients, AGR has become a pioneer of the multi-well multi-operator model. We have successfully implemented this innovation in the North Sea, South Atlantic and Asia Pacific.

Our model significantly reduces cost and maximises efficiency for investors. Benefits are achieved through improved contract terms for equipment and services as a result of aggregated demand, and shared mobilisation and demobilisation and logistics costs.

Other efficiencies can be gained with AGR’s probabilistic modelling application, PLANS, which is housed on our iQx software platform. This enables our teams to assist clients in choosing the optimum drilling unit based on the software’s assessment of all technical risks, cost and time aspects of a project.

Underpinning all our efforts to achieve savings is AGR’s in-house Well Project Management team. Clients have access to these specialists, who help achieve continuity in drilling operations, enable collaboration and minimise the learning curve across wells.

Operating on and offshore in challenging locations

We have provided all types of onshore and offshore logistics support around the world – from the remote South Atlantic to West Africa and more conventional North Sea operations.

  • Supply base development
  • Enhanced supply chain management
  • Aviation support
  • Personnel logistics
  • Dedicated project personnel
  • Contract procurement
  • Customs and tax support
  • Control of client inventory and storage
  • Drilling cost control

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