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The Challenge

Energy project supply chains can be vast in scope and can involve multiple suppliers.

AGR can streamline the supply chain to improve the flow of materials needed for your project. Our team’s extensive knowledge of the industry and long-established relationships within mean that your equipment and supplies are delivered where you need them and when you need them.

AGR team provides a complete supply-chain solution to ensure no rig downtime occurs due to delayed equipment and materials.

We execute our unrivalled global planning and operational experience to solve your unique logistics and materials management challenges.

The AGR Solution

We have provided on and offshore logistics support in wide ranging locations from the remote South Atlantic, to more conventional North Sea operations.

AGR’s Energy Project Support Services covers:

  • International Operations support
  • Marine and Aviation support
  • Personnel logistics
  • Dedicated project personnel
  • Procurement
  • Ability to provide customs support
  • Control of client inventory and storage
  • Drilling Cost Control