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hiQbe® is AGR’s velocity cube for depth conversion. It enables operators to dramatically improve how the exploration potential of new and existing assets is measured.

hiQbe® is a powerful technology that produces qualitative data and enables game-changing efficiencies in velocity modelling.

Seamless integration with leading depth conversion application

For over a decade, hiQbe® velocity cubes for depth conversion have been available to AGR clients as a multi-client product in Norway, the UK and Australia. For the rest of the world, we build tailor-made proprietary products upon request, harnessing the data provided by the businesses we support.

Today, more than 50 oil companies worldwide recognise hiQbe® as an essential product in their exploration portfolio. And the processing technology behind hiQbe® has been used in most offshore (and some onshore) oil provinces throughout globally.

hiQbe® key features

  • Enhanced velocity model quality
  • Rotated velocity cubes, better fitted to the model area
  • Higher resolution
  • Newly released data, expanding the most extensive velocity database available for Norway
  • Updated proprietary individual client data, to cover additional regions
  • Seamless integration with a client’s existing data

Based on extensive data

The product extracts information from AGR’s vast database and from contributing data owners as a foundation for the insight it provides. To put this into perspective, AGR data held in Norway is more than twice the size of that released in Diskos. In addition to our own database, clients may provide AGR with their own velocity data. This helps to ensure that a service of the best possible quality is achieved, for the client’s area and region of interest.

Velocity inversion and static correction of velocity models

Within the hiQbe® portfolio of products is a velocity inversion service, providing often overlooked geological information contained in the data. Using hiQbe® as the background model, we convert velocity data to geological attributes, offering clients an affordable way to upgrade their existing data at speed.

Also recently introduced to hiQbe® is the static correction of velocity, which solves irregular seabed problems caused by erosion (channels, slumps and slices) or deposition (moraine ridges, sandbanks and reefs).

hiQbe® benefits

hiQbe® velocity modelling cubes users benefit from significantly enhanced quality of analysis in depth conversion, mitigating one of the largest uncertainties in prospect evaluation and field development.

The software achieves this by employing an ‘uncertainty cube method’, which analyses thousands of data points to calculate the most likely depth conversion, with quantified depth (and gross rock volume) uncertainties.

hiQbe® harnesses technology to provide real-time and comprehensive data for smarter investment and operational decisions.

hiQbe® Norway

AGR’s Norway hiQbe® database contains all released seismic processing velocities from Diskos, plus selected non-released data contributed by other data owners. The well velocity data consist of check shots from Diskos. All released wells with velocity data are included. The Norway hiQbe® is developed together with UK data and is supported by a large number of UK wells along the UK-Norway median line in the North Sea.

hiQbe® UK

Our UK database consists of a large amount of non-released 2D velocity data and all available released seismic stacking velocities from Diskos (Norwegian sector), partly covering the UK sector. We also hold proprietary check shot data from most UK exploration wells and public domain check shot data from Diskos, adjacent to the UK sector. Since 2017, velocity data released by the UK Oil and Gas Authorities (OGA) and made available through the National Data Repository (NDR) has also been added.

hiQbe® Australia

hiQbe® is available for the North West Shelf and the Bight Basin, with other areas serviced on request. The database held for the Australia hiQbe® includes all available open file seismic processing velocities, sourced from the Western Australian Petroleum and Geothermal Information Management System (WAPIMS), directly from Geoscience Australia (GA) and the Department of Mines, Western Australia (DMP). Well velocity data consists of check shots from selected wells across the area.

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