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Depth Conversion & Velocity Modelling

For energy exploration and production companies that require faster and more accurate data to assess the potential in new and existing assets, AGR’s depth conversion and velocity modelling expertise is proving vital.

With a specialist team in place, which is supported by our in-house technology, hiQbe®, we are regarded as a leading expert in this field, having formed long-standing partnerships with many operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and further afield.

A game-changing advantage in assessing asset potential

AGR has a long history in pioneering new technologies to improve E&P operator performance. We continuously invest in new, innovative solutions capable of making trusted depth conversions and velocity modelling faster and easier to obtain.

The powerful combination of our state-of-the-art software, hiQbe®, operated by specialists with decades of experience, means clients benefit from greater clarity when assessing the return on investment in wells and planning.

A rapid response, high value, multi-client service

Our clients receive a flexible service tailored to their often unique needs. By providing a fully outsourced solution and resources as and when they are required, operators of all sizes are experiencing the benefits of our made to measure services.

We also realise that speed matters, particularly when it comes to moving quickly to seize opportunities. It’s why our specialists ensure rapid response times so clients are equipped with the information they need to make well informed commercial decisions at pace.

There are a number of additional benefits to the services we provide in this area, including:

  • The AGR team is the most experienced in this field, globally
  • Our services integrate seamlessly with existing client processes
  • Our experts are skilled in AGR proprietary software and the most commercially available technologies
  • We house one of the largest databases on the market


hiQbe® is the flagship product in AGR’s depth conversion and velocity modelling services portfolio. This technology offers a full and near-instant depth conversion solution, helping operators assess the true potential of new and existing assets in real-time. To learn more about hiQbe®, please click here.

Bringing certainty to new and existing projects

Our services in this area are becoming increasingly important to operators, regardless of whether they want to measure the potential of new projects or extract the remaining value of existing assets. We can assist with the following:

  • Licence round applications
  • Well planning
  • Eliminating uncertainty early during the field development stage
  • Offering instant clarity for investment decisions
  • 24 hour response time

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