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Well Control & Blowout Contingency

Our goal is to reduce the adverse business, environmental, and safety impacts resulting from a blowout. By implementing proven measures to regain well control of a hydrocarbon incident, we help our clients to gain control of a blowing well. Going beyond hardware installations, we offer a comprehensive blowout contingency planning strategy.

Our distinctive value is showcased through the utilization of our customized software, OLGA®-WELL-KILL, designed for well and well control simulations. This software enables us to conduct transient multiphase flow simulations of hypothetical blowout scenarios, as well as ascertain essential kill requirements. Empowering our clients with crucial information, we facilitate effective decision-making and elevate well management practices.

We enable well operators to uphold the integrity of wells throughout their entire lifecycle – from the initial design and construction stages to eventual decommissioning and abandonment.

Blowout Contingency Planning

Drilling and well operations nowadays often require new and complex well solutions due to factors like deep waters, HPHT conditions, shallow reservoirs and multilateral, complex well designs. It has therefore become crucial to prepare blowout contingency plans in order to increase the likelihood of safe and successful operations.

For more than 30 years, our experts have completed over 1,800 blowout contingency plans ensuring optimal risk management for a diverse range of global Operators.

A typical blowout contingency plan consists of blowout and kill simulations in addition to a detailed relief well plan. This includes blowout scenario determination with calculation of potential blowout rates, as well as specification of the best suited kill method and kill resources.

Relief well rig availability and equipment requirements will also be investigated. A carefully worked out blowout contingency plan shortens the response time during a blowout or well control incident, saving cost as well as reducing the environmental impact.

Our blowout contingency solutions

  • Blowout and kill simulations
  • Dynamic kill requirements
  • Detailed relief well plan
  • Blowout Scenario Determination
  • Calculation of potential blowout rates
  • Specification of the best-suited kill method
  • Identification of kill resources
  • Relief Well rig availability and equipment requirement
  • Casing magnetization proposition
  • Simulation while drilling proposition

Blowout Contingency Training

We provide advanced training courses covering blowout contingency and regulatory requirements, such as the principles and contents of NORSOK D-010.

Our experience

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What we do

Well Kill & Emergency Response

Regain control of an uncontrolled hydrocarbon release.

Blowout and kill simulations

Our regulatory compliance management specialists offer assistance with compiling and reviewing regulatory documentation, guiding clients through the many obstacles to success.

Casing Magnetization

We help you significantly reduce the time to locate and intersect an uncontrolled well.

Relief Well & Well Control Equipment

Blowout control hardware that allows well design to be optimized and assures single relief well contingency.

The Relief Well Injection Spool (RWIS)

Assure single relief well intervention, maximize production and cut CAPEX costs.

The value we bring

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Safeguarding critical assets with highly experienced well kill team

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Implementing risk mitigation barriers for well integrity

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Effective blowout contingency plans

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Assuring single relief well contingency with blowout control hardware

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