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The Relief Well Injection Spool (RWIS)

The Relief Well Injection Spool is a patented tool of subsea equipment that enables operators to stop a blowout from prolific reservoirs safely and efficiently via a single relief well.

The RWIS stands as a remarkable innovation facilitating optimized well design while ensuring the safe and efficient kill of blowouts from prolific reservoirs through a single relief well. This groundbreaking solution was co-developed through collaboration between Add Energy’s well control and flow specialists and subsea hardware experts at Trendsetter Engineering.

As unified team with Add Energy, we bring combined more than 70 years of operational expertise positioning us well to help optimise the value of well and drilling related operations for our clients, right through the asset life cycle.

The RWIS boasts an impressive capability to pump over 200 barrels of kill mud into a blowing well per minute, marking a remarkable 300% increase in pumping capacity. This substantial enhancement is achieved by eliminating the bottleneck created by restrictive choke and kill lines extending from the surface vessel to the seabed.

By possessing access rights to the RWIS, operators can expand the completion size of their well bore without sacrificing the ability to execute a single relief well contingency. This flexibility allows production targets to be achieved with fewer wells, leading to cost reductions and mitigated risks.

In specific companies and regions where demonstrating single relief well contingency is a fundamental requirement for project approval, obtaining access rights to the RWIS serves as a crucial assurance measure. This access provides the necessary assurance to facilitate project sanctioning, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and enhancing project viability.

The RWIS enables to minimize support resources like vessels, rigs, personnel, and well control equipment to efficiently, safely, and effectively control a hydrocarbon release. Achieve this through the strategic use of a single relief well to intercept the blowing well.

Single relief well injection tool that optimises well economics

As well as assuring single relief well contingency, the RWIS also enables operators to optimize well economics and help unlock projects that wouldn’t normally be sanctioned. With the RWIS, operators are able comply with legislation and reduce the number of wells required to meet production targets by increasing the completion size of the well bore, reducing CAPEX costs and maximizing production.

Rapid kill of a blowing well with single relief well equipment

Stop a blowout via a single relief well in the safest, most effective, and efficient manner possible with the RWIS. Its compact weight and size facilitate easy transport, reducing mobilization and response time. The RWIS enables rapid kill of a blowing well through high-rate pumping of kill fluids, enhancing safety during well kill operations with simplified solutions requiring fewer resources to manage during high-pressure periods. Moreover, zero rig modifications are necessary, ensuring no interference with primary well control equipment.


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A blowout stopped via a single relief well

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