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AGR’s well control and blowout contingency team responded swiftly to elevated pore pressure in Australian drilling operation. As a result, they Operator experienced minimised non-productive time (NPT).

Our well control and blowout contingency advisors recently played a crucial role in a drilling operation offshore Australia. During the drilling operations, as the drill bit approached the estimated top of the target reservoir, pore pressure measurements revealed unexpectedly high levels. In response to this new information, AGR’s well control and blowout contingency expert team swiftly re-visited the blowout contingency plan.

New potential blowout simulations were run, accounting for the elevated pressure, to ensure the safety of the operation and to implement sufficient contingencies.

With over 1,800 blowout contingency plans (BCPs) written to date, AGR’s well kill, well control and blowout contingency management experts bring invaluable hands-on experience to the table. Their extensive track record includes investigation and well kills of over 85 real-life blowout incidents, including some of the most high-profile blowouts such as Montara, Macondo, Elgin Franklin, and Porter Ranch.

“We are proud to have played a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and minimising non-productive time (NPT) for this drilling operation off the coast of Australia,” said Morten Haug Emilsen, Manager Well Control at AGR. “Our team’s swift response and expertise underscore AGR’s commitment to excellence and safety in all our endeavors.”