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Well Kill

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As part of the incident investigation team and engineering task force,  our well control and blowout contingency experts provided dynamic analysis, simulations, planning and evaluations for the kill operation.

What We Did

We contributed throughout the entire kill operation and provided specialists contributing and assisting in three different teams:

Well kill investigation team
The main task was to gather facts and to investigate the circumstances around the time of the incident in order to determine how, when and what went wrong.

Well kill top team
The primary kill operation was to install a Capping Stack on top of the existing subsea BOP, shut-in the well and bullhead hydrocarbons down the well.

Relief well team
The second kill operation involved pumping cement into the lower part of the wellbore through intersection by a relief well. In parallel with other teams working relentlessly to kill the well, our experts focused on determining the flow path scenarios.

The OLGA-WELL-KILL software proved to be a unique and significant tool used during investigation and kill planning.

The results

  • The well was statically killed 24 days after installing the Capping Stack and 87 days after the incident occurred.
  • The primary relief well confirmed that the well was killed and plugged with cement.
  • The top kill and the dynamic kill operations relied 100% on input from our dynamic simulations.


The court found our expert witness advice generally credible and believed that all modelling was accurate.