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Blowout and kill simulations

We are experts in conducting transient multiphase flow simulations of theoretical blowout scenarios to assess potential flow rates and determine kill requirements. Our proprietary software, OLGA®-WELL-KILL, is specifically designed for well and well control simulations, enabling accurate and tailored analysis.

Well kill simulations provide realistic and immersive training experiences for drilling and well operations personnel. They replicate various well control scenarios, allowing participants to enhance their skills, decision-making abilities, and confidence in managing well control incidents effectively.

Blowout simulations while drilling

A relief well kill is the last control option of a blowout when all other control efforts have failed or are found inapplicable for the situation. Dynamic kill simulation studies will identify requirements prior to spud and verify that a kill operation.

Simulation While Drilling (SWD) reduces the cost and risk assocuiated with drilling operations. A dedicated computer program forecasts the kill requirements real-time during drilling and supports the operations and decision making with valuable information.

As the formations are drilled, the computer program updates the blowout potential and kill requirements realtime based on data from the MWD. Hence, SWD ensures well integrity and single relief well contingency.

Typically, on wildcat wells and appraisal wells with uncertain reservoir properties, SWD can be the tool that ensures a safe and efficient drilling operation without jeopardizing the worst-case kill contingency. SWD has been used on several wells and already demonstrated its value to the industry by ensuring successful well integrity management at a much lower cost for the operators.


  • Enables Operators to drill the entire reservoir zone
  • Facilitates reaching the planned Total Depth (TD)
  • Eliminates the need for setting a contingency casing
  • Decreases drilling time and hence cost
  • Reduces the number of casing runs
  • Contrasts with traditional well design based on conservative input parameters

Spill Drill Support

We participate as an integral part of spill drill teams and share our extensive experience from live incidents combined with transient flow simulation competence. Outcome of our contribution includes soft shut-in procedures and cap and containment design.

Relief Well Planning

We develop detailed relief well plans from the basis of our experience with actual incidents. The relief well plans will identify potential constraints and propose design solutions with details on spud locations, well trajectories, ranging (homing in) strategies and intersection methods.

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