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Well Operations Supply Chain & Procurement

AGR’s long standing presence and reputation within major oil and gas hubs around the world means our clients are considered by suppliers on equal terms with large operators.

We are joining forces with Add Energy‘s Well Management & Well Engineering teams. By combining operational expertise spanning over 70 years, and knowledge and resources in well management and engineering, CCUS, well control, technical safety & risk management energy transition solutions and software, we have created a cohesive partnership that positions us at the forefront of the energy industry.

Relationships built on insight achieve greater benefits

A long track record of delivering successful wells has given us comprehensive experience at every stage in the contracting and management of third party suppliers.

Clients appoint us because our experts have often worked for the supply side. The insight they possess enables them to negotiate favourable terms for our clients, who can achieve substantial savings.

As an independent resource, AGR is flexible in facilitating the contract model that best suits the client and project requirements. We’re capable of holding all rig and service contracts or executing these on our client’s behalf.

Through these services, contract efficiency is improved because we hold framework agreements with many companies within the oil and gas supply chain. This streamlines the contracting process whilst retaining previously negotiated and accepted terms and conditions.

A proven supply chain management partner

The supply chain that serves the E&P sector is experiencing huge change, consolidation and innovation. And so the advantages of partnering with a trusted expert who understands the changing landscape have never been greater.

With AGR, our clients partner with a specialist who:

  • Is committed to protecting their interests and achieving their aims
  • Has an outstanding reputation with suppliers
  • Has market presence and experience in all aspects of E&P
  • Understands suppliers’ processes and can ensure clients are on equal terms with other major operators
  • Will ensure that only highly competent, relevant crews are provided
  • Operates from a position of strength when negotiating contracts and challenging invoices
  • Offers in depth knowledge of the market, allowing proposed costs to be benchmarked and interrogated

The services we provide in this specialist area adhere to the strictest compliance standards and help E&P operators achieve significant savings while successfully navigating tax, legal and regulatory challenges on a global scale. All our processes and techniques are monitored, regularly audited and approved by regulators.

AGR’s Integrated Logistics Solutions include:


  • Issuing of all Call Offs (CO), Service Orders (SO) and Purchase Orders (PO)
  • Managing financial authority limits for commitments
  • Ensuring accurate equipment order placement
  • Third-party equipment QA/QC verification


  • Identifying in country requirements
  • In country set up (where required)
  • Equipment mobilisation/demobilisation
  • Personnel mobilisation/demobilisation
  • Import/export
  • Inventory management

Cost Control

  • Monthly cost reporting during planning and close out phase
  • Daily cost reporting during operations
  • Cost tracking by phase/by drilling analysis code
  • Daily EFC


  • Extensive lists of relevant subcontractors
  • Truly independent, with no allegiance or bias to any company
  • Existing agreements in place with all major service companies
  • Subcontractor management in accordance with ISO accredited integrated management system

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