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Well Contracting Models

AGR Contracting is designed to offer clients the flexibility and specialist skills required to deliver a range of solutions for successfully executing all well projects.

We are joining forces with Add Energy‘s Well Management & Well Engineering teams. By combining operational expertise spanning over 70 years, and knowledge and resources in well management and engineering, CCUS, well control, technical safety & risk management energy transition solutions and software, we have created a cohesive partnership that positions us at the forefront of the energy industry.

Well Management

For operators with limited resources, AGR can act seamlessly as the Wells Department for any project. We work closely with subsurface teams and other stakeholders, while managing all well-related aspects of the project on the operator’s behalf, using AGR’s Well Delivery Process.

Well Operator

We can take on the role of Well Operator with all the regulatory responsibilities that entails, utilising our proven project management expertise to fulfil all operating requirements.

Outsourced Project Teams

For operators planning to manage the well project themselves, but requiring sourcing of a project team or additional resources to support the existing team, we will provide AGR staff members or source the required contractors to fill in the gaps.

Alliance Management

To enhance collaboration and maximise value brought to each project, AGR teams up with other service providers through a trusted partnership to execute well projects. With project management one of our core skills, we act as the focal point and manage the alliance on behalf of our clients.

An independent service for every type of operator and investor

The flexibility AGR offers gives operators the ability to acquire world class expertise in every part of the exploration and production cycle – in all oil and gas and renewable energy projects, on a basis that suits all business models.

As a company, we have honed our skills and developed a range of specialist services for over 30 years, working across all areas of the industry in this time

Without doubt, access to highly experienced, skilled and flexible talent has never been more relevant than now, as innovation, new strategies and the capability to evolve set the bar for success.

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