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30.05.2024 AGR CO2 storage Net zero solutions Petroleum engineering software Well Decommissioning Well Management

Celebrating one year with ABL Group: enhanced services and synergies in rigs, decommissioning and CCS

We are excited to mark the one-year anniversary as part of the ABL Group family. Being part of this esteemed family provides our clients with a comprehensive product and service offering. Leveraging the exceptional expertise of our colleagues in marine survey and vessel design divisions at ABL and Longitude, we’re well-equipped to provide support in rig operations, decommissioning and carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Here are just a few of the collaborative opportunities that we, as one unified Group, can offer to our clients:

Rigs (with ABL): sourcing, moves, hiring, inspections, cybersecurity consultancy, training courses

Asset development & operations (with ABL & Longitude): resources and reserves evaluation and subsurface development solutions, ground modelling and seabed installations, pipeline network, production drilling and optimisation, vessel inspections and verification, safety and risk engineering

Decommissioning (with ABL & Longitude): project planning and execution, well P&A, MWS of topsides, jacket, and subsea structures removal through to onshore demolition, recycling and disposal, safety and risk engineering

CCS (with Longitude): entire value chain including CO2 capture, CO2 transport vessel design, verification, infrastructure engineering, 3rd party CO2 storage evaluation for site developers, insurance (including risk management and mitigation), geological CO2 storage from subsurface evaluation, storage capacity calculation to appraisal and injection drilling project management.

Digitisation (with ABL’s AIM): software solutions for well delivery and asset integrity management, inventory optimization, movement and management.


These synergies complement our core service portfolio, which encompasses well and reservoir project management, safety and risk engineering, and resource solutions across the entire lifecycle of energy assets.

Get in touch with us to explore more solutions to your rig, decommissioning and CCS project.

Ole-rygg Ole B. Rygg, PhD
Group Managing Director Wells at ABL Group
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