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iQx™ is a plug-and-play drilling software developed to increase automation and improve collaboration during well planning, time and cost management, storing Lessons Learned and rig scheduling.

iQx™ software applications are applicable throughout the life of a well. The platform is used in all different types of drilling and well operations be it completion, well intervention, abandonment or even rig selection and rig scheduling.

The software is generic and applicable in project management of both hydrocarbon, renewables and projects in wider scale of industries.

The suite of iQx™ applications consists of:

PLANS — Next-Generation Time and Cost Estimation 

P1™ — Probabilistic Drilling Time and Cost Estimation

CT™ — Actual Drilling Time and Cost Tracker

EX™ — Saving Lessons Learned 

RIG™ — Rig scheduling 

For more information about iQx™, please visit www.agr-software.com

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