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Øystein Andersen, VP AGR Software

iQx™ RIG software helps Aker BP make the Operator’s rig scheduling process efficient, increase collaboration, capture data and share information.

Aker BP is a digitalisation pioneer, rolling out game-changing digital solutions across the organization to deliver meaningful value and achieve their low cost, low carbon strategy.

Using RIG, the Operator conducts analysis on future rig needs, which have contributed into Aker BP securing five of the NCS best rigs on long term contracts for Operator’s future Field development, exploration, P&A and Infill wells. Aker BP also reduce cost by using RIG to plan for area or well type campaigns, reducing the environmental footprint and cost by minimizing rig move days. By setting up continuous rig lines, with options to account for discovery and challenges, a learning curve is experienced which have contributed to Aker BPs excellent performance.

– iQx™ RIG makes a significant difference in the way we manage our rig and intervention portfolio, Manager Drilling and Wells Performance, explains.

Interview with the Manager Drilling and Wells Performance (Aker BP).

Set the scene for us. Before iQx™ RIG, how was rig scheduling performed at Aker BP?

Before iQx™ RIG, we managed our rig scheduling in an spreadsheet, where input and distribution was communicated via email. Due to the mass of information and content, it was challenging to update, organize and efficiently distribute the schedules and scenario planning was close to impossible.

What difference has ‘going digital’ made?

A big difference. Along with saving us time and improving our efficiency, it enables a more collaborative and data-driven approach to decision-making. We are also able to create different versions with iQx™ RIG. One base plan is developed, which we optimize and run different scenarios from. This is used to inform major investment decisions.

With iQx™ RIG, key project individuals input their own data into the schedule, leading to increased data quality and trust. Having the ability to share different versions of the schedules instantly, by using a web based platform is fantastic. In just a few clicks, I can tailor what people can and can’t see on the schedule, which is key when sharing it among internal and external parties.

So who uses iQx™ RIG in Aker BP today?

The schedule is available for the entire organisation plus our alliance partners. The simplicity of tools like iQx™ RIG means that it’s user friendly for a broad part of the organisation. The data is also available through the iQx™ RIG API and our internal data warehouse, whom handle confidentiality.

What would you say to other organizations weighing up digital rig scheduling?

For Aker BP, it’s had a very positive impact.

Ultimately, energy businesses must change and evolve to survive. This is something Aker BP is committed to, so when it came to switching from an old-fashioned-manual rig scheduling process to a digital one, we didn’t hesitate.

In this era, if you want to move forward as a company and ensure business growth, you need to have your data organized and most importantly, be able to create value from it. This is what iQx™ RIG helps Aker BP do.

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