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iQx™ Ex™ helps Aker BP to maximise value of historic experiences during developing the Ivar Aasen field.

The Challenge

Huge amounts of data are being created and captured throughout the asset life. While there has been an exceptional evolution in developing software technologies for digitalising and standardising upstream data, the oil and gas industry still struggles with finding solutions that would encourage the best re-use of the historical data and knowledge. A lot of valuable engineering time is spent on searching for data and managing knowledge transfer in excel spread sheets.

Why are spreadsheets less effective than digital data platforms in skills transfer in multinational companies:

  • Poor user-interface when entering and viewing experiences
  • Experiences search difficult and time consuming due to limited filtering
  • Experiences not detailed enough due to limited space and limited option for adding attachments
  • Challenging to manage QC/QA process

Can capturing of “best-lessons” be an automate and standardised process?


  • Cloud-based database accessible to multidisciplinary teams any time from any place.
  • Advanced filtering giving direct access to relevant experiences
  • Built-in QC/QA function
  • Easy export to PDF for direct insert into EOW report
  • Enhanced search based on wellbore, location and drilling unit