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Values, HSEQ and Code of Conduct

One Team

We ‘seek the truth’ in the work we do and how we do it.

Standing as one team to bring our best.

Always striving for technical and service excellence.

Shaping a better future by driving sustainable outcomes.

Imagination without boundaries or hierarchy.

The foundation in which all our values are built on.


Safety and the health and well-being of our people and our operations are at the heart of everything we do. AGR is committed to learning and continuous improvement. Our people drive the quality of the projects we manage on behalf of our clients, guided by our robust processes and procedures.

Being aware of and following these procedures are embedded in our daily professional tasks and central to everything we do.

AGR’s Management Manual is an integrated part of our business model and sets directions for the sustainable QHSSE of our company.

AGR works in compliance with all rules and laws applicable.

AGR HSEQ policy
AGR management system

The AGR Management System has been developed in accordance with:

  • ISO 9001:2015 on quality management
  • ISO 14001:2015 on environment management

Our supply chain during Well Project Management has been highly recognised by the government bodies relating to AGR’s adherence to the industry’s best practice guidelines with respect to improving performance and efficiency.

We’re accredited members of FPAL, Magnet JQS, and Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) in the UK.

As part of ABL Group, we are guided by the Group’s Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Policy Statement.

ABL Group recognises that Quality, Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) matters are an integral part of its business performance. Exemplary performance in the areas of QHSE is essential to fulfill our vision and meet the expectations of our stakeholders.

ABL Group is committed to prevention of all types of incidents, protecting people, the environment and customer property and conducting its business legitimately, ethically and in a socially responsible manner.

Energy and the oceans are at the centre of our business; the sustainability of both is vital for the future of our company and the world in which we operate. We aim to minimise our impact on the environment and seek to contribute positively towards the global sustainability of the planet we all share. For full text, please click here

The AGR Management System describes different Delivery Processes to guarantee consistent quality to our clients across all our regions. These Delivery Processes are managed through a Project Execution Plan.

Additionally, they are supported by a set of Operational Procedures all based on, and in compliance with, relevant industry standards.

Our Operational Systems are supported by a set of internal processes and procedures which have been developed and are implemented based on best practice gathered throughout the many operations AGR has conducted for our clients over the decades.

AGR is committed to playing its part in the energy transition.

At the heart of this commitment is helping our clients to reduce their carbon footprint.

A safe, professional and healthy workforce is the cornerstone of our commitment to our people and the communities in which we operate.

As a people-based organisation, with a strong, identifiable culture, we foster trust and openness. We treat everyone fairly and with respect and invest in our people and the working environment.

We work hard to build and nurture positive relationships with all our stakeholders, actively promoting inclusion and diversity.

Good governance is fundamental to our success and that of our clients. From our robust Code of Conduct to our internal practices, processes and procedures, we apply rigour and diligence to making the right, most effective decisions, complying with legislation and regulation and acting in the best interests of all our stakeholders.

Business Code
of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is the road map for bringing our values to life, ensuring our continued success and protecting our reputation. All employees, directors and managers at AGR and its subsidiaries follow these guidelines.

AGR conducts its business with integrity, respecting the laws, cultures, dignity and rights of individuals in all of the countries where we operate.