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Enhanced drilling performance and cost efficiencies with experienced well design and drilling engineers

Our Well Management and Engineering teams are proud to announce our continued commitment to excellence in well engineering, blending technical expertise with a commercial focus to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

With over a three decades of experience, our team of well engineers have successfully completed more than 700 well engineering studies. This extensive track record demonstrates our ability to help drilling projects achieve enhanced performance and cost efficiency, regardless of the scope.

“Our multi-disciplinary approach ensures that we can provide tailored solutions to meet our clients’ needs,” said Lynden Duthie, VP Well Management. “Whether it’s identifying optimal field development options, unlocking cost-saving opportunities, ensuring life extension, or repurposing wells for CCS, you can rely on our Well Management and Engineering team to deliver.”

By leveraging our expertise and proven methodologies, clients can trust us to maximize the value of their assets and drive success in their drilling projects.

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