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AGR team delivers logistical solutions to supply equipment from 11 countries for a drilling project in Equatorial Guinea.

Overcoming complex logistics challenges to open up Equatorial Guinea exploration

In an early phase of the drive to develop the significant oil and gas reserves of Equatorial Guinea, AGR was engaged to handle the tough logistics problems of supplying and mobilising a new offshore well in the country’s northern waters.

The Challenge

An 11 country supply chain and a short operational window

The project presented a complex set of logistical challenges due to the lack of local support systems for the country’s emerging oil and gas industry. Unlike other West African countries with energy sector infrastructure, this had to be a totally imported project solution.

It involved sourcing and co-ordinating equipment from 11 countries, including Europe, other African countries and China. It also covered the recruitment personnel required for the full mobilisation of the well. Another important part of the assignment for AGR was the management of import and export requirements across the network of vendors.

With a short operational window for the project, equipment had to be made ready to transport offshore to a tight timetable via our supply base, at Luba Freeport. At the end of the operational phase, the same equipment had to be returned to the vendors.

The Solution

An end to end logistics solution

The AGR logistics team had a long list of interdependent actions to take, which required a comprehensive set of skills and strong project management. Our specialist team delivered the following services:

  • Identified the various customs import and export laws for each country and managed the interface with Equatorial Guinea customs
  • Secured yard and quayside support services in Malabo and Luba and multiple vessels for shipping equipment
  • Negotiated a helicopter sharing agreement with other oil and gas operators in the region
  • Established requirements and timeframes with numerous equipment suppliers
  • Managed all customs and exoneration issues for import and export at Luba Freeport
  • Managed all visa applications, letters of introduction and transport for project personnel
  • Performed all day-to-day helicopter and vessel logistics operations to support the rig
  • Managed operational safety in the supply base and yard
  • Handled the return of goods back to the UK during the de-mobilisation

The Outcome

The AGR logistics team delivered, mobilising all equipment and personnel so the well could be drilled within time and budget, meeting all regulatory requirements.

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