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Overcoming the ultimate supply chain challenge in the South Atlantic Basin

Flexibility and the ability to innovate are important in overcoming many challenging supply chain logistics assignments in the oil and gas exploration and production business – but never more so than in remote locations where local support and supplies are non-existent.

The challenge

To equip a multi-well field in a location devoid of any support

AGR was appointed to undertake a six well drilling campaign in the South Atlantic Basin at the start of exploration in this field. Within three years our supply chain brief in the location had grown to cover 20 wells.

With no local service providers or suppliers in place to support such a major operation, the remoteness of this location meant this project demanded a made to measure supply chain solution.

The AGR solution

A seamlessly managed, comprehensive supply undertaking – reaching further than any previous UK based logistics project

Our highly experienced logistics team developed a supply chain strategy and process that had robustness and repeatability as its core aims. AGR’s proven UK-based service providers and suppliers were then engaged and coordinated to work together seamlessly in one of the furthest-reaching oil and gas projects managed from the UK.

The scope of AGR responsibilities:

  • Develop a comprehensive and unique contracting and procurement strategy
  • Manage all third party services and supplier contracts (excluding rigs)
  • Lead local relationship management
  • Achieve spending efficiency

The outcome

A successful long distance, large scale supply chain serving 20 wells

The success of this project was always going to depend on exceptional supply chain management skills. From setting up a base from scratch to transporting equipment and mobilising over 5,000 personnel to the operational location, the challenges meant that only the most experienced supply chain professionals could be entrusted with planning and implementing such complex long-distance operations.

Key facts:

  • Over 1 million man hours worked
  • 20 wells drilled
  • More than 5,000 personnel deployed
  • Shipped in excess of 25,000 tonnes of equipment

The success of this project laid the foundations for the rapid development of AGR’s global supply chain management business.