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The speed at which an oil and gas Operator can set up a regional base to operate from can make the difference between success and failure.

This is where AGR’s expertise has proven crucial time and time again. In this case, the rapid deployment of resources required to set up a major logistics base essential to a well exploration in the South Atlantic Basin, was vital to the outcome of this project.

The Challenge

Remoteness and lack of infrastructure presented major problems

The logistical challenges presented during the exploration phase of the drilling campaign were a potential dealbreaker. With no local mechanisms or infrastructure in place to support what became a 22 well campaign, this project demanded a unique and intensive logistics focus to build the strategic supply foundation for the enterprise.

The Solution

A dedicated operations base urgently required

AGR was appointed to construct a logistics base regionally in South Atlantic and manage this out of Aberdeen. A total of 780 man days were spent in just three months to get the base scoped, tendered, built and operationally ready.

An initial shipment to the newly constructed base left Aberdeen Harbour with approximately 9,000 tonnes of cargo – the largest consignment of its kind to be shipped from this location in history. AGR’s logistic experts facilitated and managed this.

Safety was also a major consideration. The volume of ongoing operations meant the original Air Passenger Services and Search and Rescue services provided by the Ministry of Defence during the early part of the drilling campaign were insufficient. As a result, AGR organised and oversaw an independent service.

In addition to a dedicated search and rescue helicopter, this service included a dedicated fortnightly Air Charter flight which also provided a route for air freight rather than sea-freight.

This service evolved into one that transported everything from a pint of milk to a Wellhead System.

The Outcome

A logistics triumph underpinned the success of the drilling campaign

Precise, detailed and accurate planning was key to the successful outcome of this major logistics project. Effective communications at all levels, the early identification and mitigation of risks throughout, and the rapid engagement with all third party service providers were also vital. The combination of these disciplines made what seemed like a mountain to climb into a triumph of modern logistics.

Key facts:

  • Over 1 million man hours worked
  • 22 wells drilled
  • More than 5,000 personnel deployed
  • Shipped in excess of 25,000 tonnes of equipment

Following the success of this project, AGR has deployed a similar model for this programme many times across other regions.

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