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25.04.2024 Well Engineering Well Management

Getting ready for offshore drilling in Guinea Bissau

Preparations for the upcoming Atum-1X well project off the coast of Guinea Bissau are well underway.

Earlier last year, we proudly announced securing the well management contract with Apus Energia Guinea-Bissau S.A. for drilling a deepwater exploration well in the Sinapa license area offshore Guinea-Bissau.

The Ocean BlackRhino drill ship has been secured by Apus Energia Guinea-Bissau S.A. for the upcoming drilling operations, which are scheduled to commence later this summer.

(image source: internet)

Our well project management team, stationed in Perth, Western Australia, will oversee the execution of Well Management scope.

In this project, AGR will provide consultancy services in well construction, well design and well time and cost estimation, procurement, supply chain management, and operational supervision of the drilling process. Currently, we are in the detailed planning phase.

(visit to the logistics and supply base in Senegal earlier in the year alongside the Drilling and Wells team from our client’s organisation)