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Pore-Pressure Prediction and Geomechanics

This specialist geology service sits at the centre of all successful well operations. With the support of AGR, businesses receive highly trusted pore pressure prognosis expertise built on decades of experience. These pore pressure specialists contribute to optimal well design, safe operation and risk management during drilling.

Experts focused exclusively on formation evaluation

We undertake pre-drill pore pressure evaluations, including offset well log-based analysis for clients and 3D pore pressure prediction from seismic velocities. Our teams are highly experienced in integrated energy projects and possess the knowledge required in deepwater or HPHT developments. Clients receive the support of experts skilled in different industry standard software for FEM, PPFG and borehole stability, and in designing bespoke solutions for rock physics and 4D geophysics based geomechanical assessments.

Operators in the Norwegian Continental Shelf and the Barents Sea benefit from formation and pore pressure specialists with local area competence, as well as knowledge gained from working globally.

Pore pressure prognosis and geomechanics services

We support our clients with expert services across the full pore pressure spectrum:

  • Our pore pressure prognosis consists of trend line analysis based on sonic velocities, resistivity and density logs
  • The resulting pore pressure is calibrated to take account of formation pressure data and mud weights, and the assessment of drilling risks such as kicks and gas responses
  • Fracture pressure is estimated using fracture gradient techniques and calibrated to available leak off tests, minifrac tests, mud losses and other relevant drilling events
  • In the area of collapse pressure, using advanced rock mechanics modelling we can perform a geomechanical analysis at different levels to predict wellbore stability in relation to drilling inclination and azimuth.

In this rapidly developing field, our skills are continually updated to ensure businesses receive the most advanced portfolio of solutions.

Lene-Thorstensen Lene Thorstensen
Operations & Wellsite Geology Manager
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