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Operations Geologist

The companies we work with see operations geology as key to the success of their asset evaluation and drilling operations. They also know only the most proven professionals in this field can be appointed to the role, because so much depends on them during exploration and well development projects. With our support, operators can be confident they are engaging highly experienced and trusted specialists who minimise risk, improve commercial decision making, create new efficiencies and contribute to savings.

An operations geology team
that has experienced every challenge.

Our clients benefit from engaging one of the leading operations geologist teams in the energy industry. They gain access to exceptional experience in geo operations services, delivered by specialists who have earned the trust of companies they have worked with in every type of drilling campaign around the world.

Experts in where and how

Through expert data analysis and interpretation, our operations geologists ensure businesses make the most commercially viable decisions about where and how to drill. They have worked all over the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), the North Sea and the Barents Sea and bring a powerful combination of skills, experience and insight gained through innovative technology. This helps clients overcome the risks that even the best planned wells encounter when drilling.

Integrated geology services at all stages of operations

The companies we work with receive an integrated range of specialist operations geology services to support all stages of energy exploration and production.

Our teams operate across:

  • All aspects of well planning
  • All stages of the pre-drilling programme and all pre-spud activities
  • The full range of operations in the drilling phase and post-drilling activities
  • In well operation centres, clients receive geologists experienced in manning operations 24/7
  • In post-drilling support services we cover the preparation and production of final well reports and completion logs
  • Geomechanical modelling and 4D seismic services are delivered by our integrated team of geologists, geophysicists and geomechanics experts.

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