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Wellsite Geologist

Our clients receive carefully assembled teams of wellsite geologists who excel in supporting clients at all stages of the well life cycle – from asset evaluation and exploration to well delivery, production, enhanced recovery and field abandonment.

Experienced in all
types of drilling projects

Our clients receive handpicked wellsite geologists who offer more collective experience than any other independent energy services provider. These talented individuals have delivered over 550 well projects worldwide, across 25 countries, spanning 6 continents.

One of the largest geology teams in the industry

We offer a team of over 45 AGR well-site geologists to support our clients. These specialists deliver extensive experience gained from working all over the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) and the Barents Sea. But this is also a global wellsite geologist team, skilled in working to optimise well performance wherever our clients are in the world.

At the centre of operations, underpinning decisions critical to outcomes

Our well site geologists play a key role throughout the drilling process.

Their skills include:

  • Pre-drill meetings
  • Lithological evaluation
  • Formation pressure sampling and evaluation while drilling
  • Geosteering long reach wells
  • Geosteering long reach, multilateral wells
  • Drilling of deep-water wells
  • Supervision of coring and wireline operations
  • Team players who understand the importance of communication and knowledge sharing.

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