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Formation Pressure Specialist

In this highly specialised field of geology, having high calibre professionals in charge is essential. Our formation pressure specialists are experienced in helping clients decide the commercial viability of wells and in ensuring efficient and compliant operations.

At the heart of investment
decisions and safe operation

Energy companies engage our formation pressure geologists at the start of exploration to produce expert analysis they can rely on as the basis for major investment decisions. When the well is operational, they work at the heart of safe well control.

Wellsite geology experts that help businesses make the right decisions first time

Clients can be confident that AGR geologists bring with them experience gained from all over the world, in the most challenging drilling environments. These specialists work with us because we offer them the best professional challenges in their field and because they know that we are committed to advancing the application of the science of geology.

Operating right across the spectrum

Having one source for all their outsourced professional and contracting services is important to our clients.

It’s why we have built a community of specialists across the full formation pressure spectrum, including:

  • The well evaluation stage for assessing the commercial case for development
  • Formation pressure prediction onshore, in the planning phase
  • In real-time evaluation offshore, while drilling
  • Our services cover high pressure high temperature (HTHP) wells
  • We offer 24/7 real time follow-up and QC of the pore pressure while drilling, in close collaboration with the wellsite dedicated pore pressure specialist offshore.

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