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Harnessing the advancing science of geology to match the needs of energy exploration, field development, field operation projects and low carbon solution projects is a specialist discipline. It’s also one that demands experience. AGR has been committed to this for over 30 years – providing innovative geology services that ensure our client’s assets are protected, viable and sustainable.

Working across all geosciences

Every client has their own set of requirements, which we meet by assembling an expert team for them, drawn from the range of geosciences we maintain in-house. In addition to the skills and experience we provide, our clients benefit from the insight gained from geophysical, geological, petrophysical and engineering data we have collected over the years.

AGR offers support in a number of areas:

  • Field development projects, asset evaluation, drilling projects and peer reviews
  • Sandstone and carbonate sedimentology, core descriptions and well correlation to suggest geological concept models as a guide to build digital geological models
  • Studies of structural geology and fault analysis to assist with structural 3D models
  • Integrated reservoir studies with resource uncertainty analyses, input to and iteration with reservoir simulation and history matching and assistance to drainage strategies.

On a regional scale, AGR can support clients’ in basin analysis and play and prospect evaluations, where we also make use of our experience and in-house databases.

For drilling projects, we assist with pore pressure analysis and geomechanical studies. The quality of this service is enhanced through our deep understanding of the latest technologies.

Operating at all scales

Field and prospect scale:

Regional scale:

  • Geochemistry
  • Basin modelling
  • Regional CPI log database
  • Play and prospect analysis
  • GIS

Quality assured

All AGR projects follow our ISO certified Project Delivery Process, which is the prised blueprint at AGR. It assures a systematic approach, quality, transparent and traceable results and excellent interaction with our clients.

When choosing AGR, clients gain access to highly qualified, experienced professionals, plus a large case experience database. This brings into play lessons learned in the area under focus.

All clients can also benefit from AGR’s portfolio of digital tools, which streamline processes, enable collaboration and help create efficiencies throughout.

Proven key competencies

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    Case studies

    AGR provides well test analysis training and independent reservoir analysis key to continuation application decision


    2 min read
    The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) was considering an application on Decision of Continuation from the Operators on two discoveries made...

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    AGR conducts Reservoir Modelling on OKEA’s Draugen field


    2 min read
    AGR’s permanent in-house subsurface team was engaged to build this full field model. The design of the model was set...

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    Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery support with local skills development focus enables sustainability of regional E&P industry


    6 min read
    In a challenging international aid effort to revive the oil industry of Sudan, AGR was appointed by International Petroleum Associates...

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    AGR provides Enhanced Oil Recovery evaluation for development plan of several heavy oil fields


    3 min read
    AGR’s Reservoir Management & Subsurface team was engaged to provide subsurface and reservoir model evaluation needed to support a thermal...

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    AGR develops perforation strategy for injecting CO2 into saline aquifer


    2 min read
    AGR’s Reservoir Management team combines nodal analysis with thermal fracturing models to develop a perforation strategy for injecting CO2 into a...

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    AGR verifies reservoir performance claims for investor


    2 min read
    AGR’s analysis gave the client greater security to make a considered decision regarding an opportunity. A non-operator investor group engaged...

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    Building a reservoir model of a large section in the North Sea for Norwegian Petroleum Directorate


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    AGR’s Reservoir Management & Subsurface assists the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate in building a reservoir model of a large section in...

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    hiQbe™ 2.0 helps subsurface teams mitigate exploration risks by enhancing depth conversion modelling quality


    2 min read
    hiQbe® 2.0 is AGR’s latest multi-client velocity cube for depth conversion. It is a powerful software that produces qualitative data...

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    hiQbe® starts a new chapter in depth conversion


    3 min read
    AGR’s programme of continual improvement of its products kicks off 2022 with the release of new hiQbe® velocity cubes for...

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    AGR provides peer study on Karoon Energy’s upcoming drilling campaign in Brazil


    2 min read
    Our Perth-based team is engaged to assist Karoon’s upcoming workover and appraisal drilling campaign in the Southern Santos Basin, offshore...

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    AGR launches reStore™ - a reserves and resources management software


    2 min read
    The plug-and-play tool streamlines reserves management and regulatory reporting activity and offers crucial insight to help energy businesses make more...

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    AGR signs a new Framework Agreement with Gassnova SF


    2 min read
    AGR will act as technical advisors to Gassnova by offering technical expertise across geoscience, reservoir, drilling and well engineering disciplines...

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