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Viable Carbon Capture, Storage and Use (CCUS) technology has been around for a surprisingly long time. The oil and gas industry is one of the earliest adopters of CO2 injection, with E&P companies utilising it since the 1970s to reduce emissions and enhance oil production.

Supporting clients as they accelerate their CCS capabilities

Now, as the industry evolves towards low carbon energy production, Carbon Capture, Storage (CCS) has become a key focus in the transition models of our clients and will play a big role in their future. This change is not only to comply with regulatory emission reduction targets though – these moves are being made because businesses are working towards self-imposed environmental performance and net zero goals. It’s why they see the development of their CCS capability as taking an important stake in the future.

The CCS momentum is building

But while it’s a technology whose time has come, CCS does present challenges. What sets it apart from the conventional E&P lifecycle is the requirement to predict and understand the behaviour of the subsurface not only during injection but also for the long term storage of CO2.

Regulatory oversight of these operations poses additional demands on Operators compared to oil & gas projects, with increased scrutiny on monitoring and verification of storage methods. Currently the regulatory framework for CCS is in its infancy.

A source of joined up expertise right across CCUS project planning and delivery

Many of our clients are pressing ahead and with the support of AGR are bringing together the skill sets required to deliver CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) projects and overcome these challenges.

They have chosen AGR because we provide a wide range of expertise across the scientific, technological and operational hurdles they face, with our experts able to offer key insight into the regulatory landscape they are entering.

It is a specialist resource that has been built up as part of our business for over 20 years. During this time we have worked with operators and government bodies globally, supporting them in their drive to reduce COemissions through CCS technology.

Our clients look to us as a trusted partner within the disciplines of geoscience, reservoir and drilling, compliance, HSE, facilities and cost engineering.

Why appoint AGR to support CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) investments?

We offer our clients:

  • Unrivalled experience with relevant studies related to CO2 injection and storage for Gassnova, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, National Grid and Dep of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)
  • A highly experienced team within geology and geophysics, reservoir, production, well and drilling management
  • Vast experience with static and dynamic modelling including uncertainty analysis and risk assessments
  • Genuine strength in depth, breadth in quality and cutting-edge expertise. Many of our experts have experience working for operating companies and are therefore fully in tune with client priorities
  • A flexible and dynamic team of specialists, handpicked based on a client’s exact requirements
  • Full project management and integrated teams that provide productive and efficient deliveries that help keep total costs down.

Working across the full CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) spectrum

We operate and maintain CCS projects over the long term – from subsurface through to full drilling project management and third-party verification, to ensure COremains underground.

Our clients receive expertise in key stages:

  • Feasibility studies, including petrophysical, geophysical, geomechanical and reservoir engineering support and modelling
  • CO2 injection for enhanced oil recovery
  • Subsurface characterisation evaluation of potential CO2 storage
  • Assessment and mitigation of the risks associated with CO2 leakage
  • Drilling, completing and injection tests of CO2 wells
  • A proven track record in diverse CCS projects globally.

During decades spent working in this field we have supported clients who see CCS a driver of growth, business development and as a means of lowering their carbon footprint. We have worked with operators and government bodies globally, on a range of assignments – from feasibility studies to assessing potential reservoirs, through to drilling, completing and injection tests or COwells.

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