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Environment & Sustainability

For many of our E&P clients, selecting an independent partner to evaluate their environmentally driven business strategies is seen as a key appointment – key to informing their environmental policy making and business development planning, and to winning stakeholder support.

The importance of independent evaluation

We are often asked by clients to extend our evaluation and audit expertise into the environmental sphere. We now undertake many assignments aimed at giving business leaders the support and evidence-based intelligence they need to develop green and environmentally responsible business strategies in line with Environmental Governing Standards. The evaluations we deliver are also an essential part of the investment decision making that must support these strategies.

Our teams are regularly engaged in investigating and evaluating new energy opportunities too – for example, using our sub-surface expertise to simulate CO2 storage and geothermal capacities. And in another move towards green energy we have developed a model for creating a value chain for blue hydrogen.

A proven model for evaluating new energy opportunities

The robustness and thoroughness of the AGR delivery process for evaluations and certifications has seen clients appoint us to help them achieve their environmental targets.

Our systematic and structured approach ensures focus, efficiency and high quality reporting. This has been the basis of our oil and gas resource estimation and certification and is now the proven model we use to help clients plan for green energy strategies.

In areas such as Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS), COunderground storage, other underground storage facilities and projects, and geothermal, AGR will evaluate and report on the sustainability of the project and include an assessment of Environmental Governing Standards.

The focus of this work for many clients is on the investment community, where our evaluations are key to securing funding for their new energy strategies. We also help businesses evaluate their energy reserves and resources portfolios for compliance with the EU Taxonomy program.

Underpinning competencies

Equipping themselves with the skills, information and experience in planning and financing the future is more important than ever to energy investors. To help our clients make well-informed investment decisions, we perform independent evaluations and certifications of sustainability and carry out Environmental Governing Standards assessments.

Our focus in this area includes:

  • Oil and gas recovery, including EOR
  • Underground storage
  • Transportation in pipelines
  • Facilities studies, energy efficiency
  • Development engineering, to determine design basis
  • Early phase development project management
  • HSE
  • Economic analysis.

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