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02.04.2021 CO2 storage Net zero solutions Technical Safety & Risk Management

OGUK HSE Conference: AGR helps its clients reach their ambitious low carbon goals

The transition towards net-zero and the part played by Carbon Capture, Use and Storage (CCUS) was an important theme at last week’s  OGUK HSE Conference 2021.

Over the last two decades, AGR has supported its clients in the drive to reduce their CO2 emissions by acting as a technical adviser to organisations and companies around the globe helping them to develop innovative CCUS technologies.

AGR CEO Svein Sollund said: “CCUS is set to play a key role in the UK’s Continental Shelf and beyond in the global energy transition. AGR has considerable expertise within the geoscience, reservoir and well engineering disciplines, which are very well suited to delivering CCUS solutions. We are confident we can help our clients reach their ambitious low carbon goals.