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Our team is made up of highly experienced geophysicists and seismic interpreters, who provide interpretation services for 2D, 3D and 4D (time-lapse seismic) surveys in addition to 4C (multi-component seismic).

We perform well tie analysis and well data integration, velocity modeling for depth conversion and seismic sequence stratigraphic analysis (carbonate and siliciclastic facies). Our work in this area extends to advanced geophysical work, such as spectral decomposition, rock physics, interpretation of seismic inversion data in addition to volume calculation and geologic risk analysis.

Our clients benefit from the flexible nature of our services. They can choose to work with us on a project by project basis, with a member of our team located onsite. Or we can undertake integrated projects, where AGR’s specialist team deliver a wide range of geophysical solutions offsite, at one of our global offices.

When delivering these services, our experts normally use either Petrel or HampsonRusell softwares, but are also experienced in a number of other trusted geophysical tools and technologies.

Undertaking projects of all sizes

Businesses engage AGR because we provide geophysical services across the full spectrum of E&P assets – from small field development projects to large regional based exploration studies.

Field and prospect scale

  • QC of seismic processing
  • 3D interpretation
  • Reservoir monitoring, 4D time lapse seismic analysis
  • Fluid Replacement Modelling studies (FRM)
  • Amplitude Versus Offset (AVO)
  • Seismic attribute analysis
  • Fault seal analysis
  • Depth conversion
  • Quantitative depth and volume uncertainty (new data driven method with 3D probability cube)

Regional scale

  • Seismic 2D interpretation
  • Interpretation of multi-component data (4C)
  • Quantitative interpretation of velocity data
  • Regional velocity models
  • Well seismic tie

Services founded on excellent quality assurance process

All projects we undertake follow the AGR ISO certified delivery process. This is our rigorously applied blueprint for achieving a fully compliant, monitored and transparent service with measurable results. It also ensures excellent communication and collaboration opportunities with clients throughout.

When choosing AGR, our clients benefit from access to the insight and experience of highly qualified professionals who work in a team that has a collective knowledge gained from every type of E&P operation, globally.

AGR and our business partners also enjoy access to extensive data, which has been collected over many years. With this powerful information at hand, clients can benchmark their projects against others and make better-informed decisions.

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