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AGR’s Reservoir Management & Subsurface team was assigned to provide technical support on Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery for the field development plan of heavy oil fields in Venezuela for a Eastern Asian national oil company.

The work scope included the reservoir simulation model construction for thermal recovery methods and screening of thermal production techniques which included:

  • Cyclic Steam Injection
  • Steam Flooding
  • Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)

Our Scope also included the evaluation of the reservoir simulation model and forecast profiles of a third party. Using the sector model with multi-well configuration, the optimisation of well patterns and sensitivity study of thermal production had been investigated to maximise the oil recovery factor.

Furthermore, the production profiles for large scale commercial field development (200,000 STBD ~ 400,000 STBD) was generated for the economic assessment.

The AGR Approach

  • Cooperated closely with the client’s geologist for the model selections
  • Converting the black model for the cold production into the compositional model for the thermal production processes
  • Investigated the sensitivity of grid size on the simulation performance to find the optimal model for the thermal production forecast

The Solution

AGR delivered to the client:

  • Reservoir simulation model construction for thermal recovery method
  • Multi-compositional, thermal process modelling
  • Large scale reservoir modelling with multi-well configurations
  • Screening of production techniques for heavy oil production
  • Cold production
  • Cyclic Steam injection (huff & puff)
  • Steam flooding (continues steam injection)
  • Steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD)
  • Evaluation of Field Development Plan
  • Evaluation of PDVSA’s thermal simulation model
  • Optimal well configuration for heavy oil production
  • Sensitivity study of key parameters for the recovery performance
  • Production profiles for large scale commercial field development

Key capabilities delivered

  • Expertise on the simulation modelling of thermal production technology for large scale commercial development
  • Working in the client’s office to ensure the direct discussions with the client
  • Framing the work scope at the kick-off meeting with the client to identify the deliverables clearly
  • Weekly progress meeting with client to ensure the progress in line with the work plan
  • Using parallel licenses to speed up the execution of the simulation models