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The client benefitted from AGR identifying significant missed-pay targets in mature production field.

The Challenge

AGR’s Reservoir Management & Subsurface team was engaged to manage a mature onshore oil field in Spain. The field was originally developed with 50 wells but 80% had subsequently been abandoned due to low pressure and high water cuts.

We studied the field production history and well logs to identify potential ‘missed-pay’ zones, based on which a work-over and perforation campaign was proposed to the client.

The Complicating Factors

  • The reservoir is characterised by poorly connected fluvial sands
  • Some pressure maintenance pilots had been attempted but were not well documented
  • No coherent reservoir model existed.

The Result

Significant missed-pay targets were identified by the AGR Reservoir Management & Subsurface team. The subsequent work-over and perforation campaign led to a doubling of oil production. The production increase has been maintained and a second round of work-over and perforations is planned following the successful first phase. A managed pressure maintenance pilot has also been initiated.