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The client was able to define the remaining reserves with greater confidence.

The Overview

A client was interested in redeveloping a Moroccan oil and gas field that had been abandoned in the 1950s. Originally the field was developed with 30 wells drilled to a depth of less than 2,000 metres and produced oil (2.3 million barrels) and gas (6.4 billion cubic feet) mainly from Jurassic (Dogger) sandstones.

The Complicating Factors

The field is a complex structural trap formed by a thrust fault and is believed to contain partially exploited and undeveloped targets.

Unusual production history of the main producing (Dogger) horizon, particularly in terms of the gas and water production profiles, which required careful investigation of the well histories to enhance understanding of well performance and potential.

The AGR Solution

AGR’s analysis helped to improve the client’s understanding of the productivity characteristics of the reservoir and the remaining reserves were more clearly defined. This information enabled the client to locate redevelopment wells with much more confidence. The risk of drilling an underperforming well was significantly reduced.