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AGR’s programme of continual improvement of its products kicks off 2022 with the release of new hiQbe® velocity cubes for depth conversion.

hiQbe® velocity modelling cubes have many of its users improved the quality of their analysis in depth conversion, which is one of the largest uncertainties in prospect evaluation and field development.

While the existing hiQbe® models have already made a very positive impact on clients and are already deployed by some of the biggest energy companies in the world, we are expecting the new versions to achieve even more.

Developed with our partners, ModelGeo, the new release of the hiQbe® offers:

  • Enhanced velocity model quality
  • Rotated velocity cubes, better fitted to the model area
  • Higher resolution
  • The addition of newly released data, to add to an already vast velocity database
  • Updated proprietary individual client data, to cover regions of interest.

We have also extended our range of depth conversion specialist services.

A new and increasingly valuable technique which is introduced this year is static correction of velocity. This solves the ‘irregular seabed problem’, caused for example by either erosion (channels, slumps and slices) or deposition (moraine ridges, sandbanks and reefs).

Providing the basis for commercially successful decisions

Depth conversion is renowned as one of the most difficult areas in prospect evaluation and field development. hiQbe®  harnesses an Uncertainty Cube method, which calculates the most likely depth conversion, with quantified depth (and gross rock volume) uncertainties.

The uncertainty analysis is data driven.

Also in the hiQbe® portfolio of products is our Velocity Inversion service. This provides the often overlooked geological information contained in the data. Using hiQbe® as the background model, we convert velocity data to geological attributes, offering our clients an affordable way to upgrade their existing data.

hiQbe® is a story of harnessing technology to provide live and comprehensive data for better investment and operational decisions. It’s something that will become increasingly valuable in the energy industry for years to come.

The hiQbe®  is available as a multi-client product in Norway, the UK and Australia and can be purchased on an annual lease or a project by project basis. For the rest of the world, AGR builds proprietary products upon request, using velocity data provided by the client.

If you would like to find out more about our velocity modelling services or hiQbe® cubes, please contact us here.

Pictured: hiQbe®  Product Owner, Jørnar Heggsum Hubred and hiQbe® Product Owner, Daria Krasova