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Well Examination

Our clients who need a comprehensive and rigorous peer review and examination of their assets, AGR offers an excellent network of outstanding professionals in every specialism.

We are engaged by a variety of energy businesses to carry out peer reviews at different stages of asset maturity. Through close collaboration with AGR Consultancy, which is one of the leading global recruitment specialists in the energy sector, we are able to source carefully matched reviewers for any type of evaluation.

With our own globally recognised and ISO certified management system, AGR is perfectly placed to support new entrants and established operators looking to implement efficient and compliant management systems. Needless to say, our clients prefer people who practice what they preach.

Guiding clients through the obstacles

Navigating and compiling documentation within strict regulatory frameworks is challenging, with delays in acceptance capable of disrupting operations at a significant cost. AGR’s HSE experts and regulatory management specialists offer assistance with compiling and or reviewing regulatory documentation, guiding clients through the many obstacles to success.

Our clients benefit from a range of services in this area

The typical assignments that we review are:

  • Drilling, completion, workover or abandonment plans and programmes
  • Well timings and costs
  • Operational readiness
  • Regulatory preparedness
  • Operational performance
  • Incidents and non conformances
  • Examination and reclassification of suspended wells.

Technical Incident Investigations

We assist clients with technical investigation of unplanned events (i.e. packer or cementing failures, stuck pipe, etc.) or significant cost overruns. This may include assessments of the organisation’s capacities, competencies and structure.

Concept, Screening, Feasibility and Field Development Studies

We create a range of development scenarios covering different well designs, rig strategies and execution options, and link each case to accurate life of field cost estimates in order to identify optimal development options.

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