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Reservoir & Flow Simulations

Our team of experts utilizes advanced modeling techniques to analyze fluid flow dynamics within reservoirs, wells, subsea structures, and surface facilities. By leveraging sophisticated simulations, we generate accurate production forecasts, identify opportunities for enhanced flow optimization, and define the necessary requirements for comprehensive field development strategies.

Static and Dynamic Reservoir Modelling
We use MBAL™, ECLIPSE™ and Petrel™ or equivalent software to model and predict reservoir behavior for field development planning, specialized studies, production forecasting and reserves estimates.

Well Performance Modelling
We use PROSPER™ and OLGA™ for modelling inflow and vertical lift performance in horizontal and big bore wells, and artificial lift simulations for platform and subsea architecture.

Production Chemistry and Fluid Characterization
We use PVTsim NOVA and PVTP™ for fluid characterization and for validation of fluid samples and laboratory results.

Production Technology
We provide well design support, production start-up monitoring and optimization, metering philosophies and stimulation design at any stage of the well lifecycle.


Production optimisation


We provide state of the art multiphase flow and PVT technologies to establish design solutions and operational procedures to monitor, model and optimise production. We help clients increase life cycle asset value through opportunity framing, revewis of producing assets and provision of independnet technical advise. Our toolkit consist of OLGA, GAP, RESOLVE and IFM.

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