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Crisis & Emergency Management (CEM)

With our wealth of experience, we excel in crafting and executing Crisis and Emergency Management (CEM) systems, particularly Emergency Response plans. Our expert team specializes in aiding organizations in readiness for worst-case scenarios by providing comprehensive team training, meticulous planning, and executing realistic CEM exercises with credible emergency scenarios.

How long would your business be disrupted following an incident due to untested Crisis and Emergency systems? It’s crucial to test your Emergency Response Plans to ensure effective communication and operational coordination between site response teams, corporate support teams, and external responders.

We can help test your Emergency & Crisis Management Frameworks and validate effective communication & operational interface between site response teams, corporate support teams and external responders.

Our aim is to provide organizations with sustainable safety and risk management solutions at corporate, project, and operational levels, all in alignment with standards such as AS/NZ 4801, OHSAS 18001, ISO 31000, 14001, and 9001.

You can count on us to minimize risk exposure and ensure effective safety management of operating assets through our advisory services, customized systems, and specialized training.

Our capabilities:

  • Development of Crisis and Emergency Response and Recovery Plans
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Identification and Assessment of Business, Crisis and Emergency Risk
  • Training of Crisis & Emergency Management and Response Teams
  • Plan / conduct realistic exercises & drills to test and assess
  • Crisis & Emergency Management Framework & Teams
  • Development and training of HR / Relative Response Teams & Telephone Response Teams
  • Media Response and Management development
  • Crisis and Emergency Management Teams
  • Relative Response and Next of Kin Management
  • HR Support Teams
  • Media Response and Management
  • Telephone Support Team

Crisis and emergency training are essential investments for organizations seeking to safeguard their employees, assets, reputation, and overall business operations in the face of unforeseen challenges. Enhance your skills through our CEM training programmes:

  • Crisis / Emergency Management Teams
  • Emergency Management Room Personnel
  • Relative Response / Next of Kin Management
  • HR Support Teams
  • Media Response / Management
  • Telephone Support Team


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