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Data Room

We support many of the transactions our client’s are engaged in with a Data Room service. This is a secure hub where we gather, organise and manage information crucial to a venture, so that investors have the full picture needed to support decisions. We cover both physical and virtual data rooms.

Context, insight and facts, instantly available

Our Data Room is a valuable tool for effective preparation and negotiation in any Acquisition and Divestment. Safe data handling of a well organised, responsive data room helps investors understand the full context, gain real-time insight and be in command of the facts that will influence the outcome of a deal.

AGR has a standard framework, on which individual deal features can be built, to help clients determine what to look for, how to prioritise the information and where to focus for the perspectives and data that will be key in completing a deal.

As part of this service we assist clients in volume assessment (STOIIP, GIIP and recoverable volumes), cost and schedule assessment (CAPEX, OPEX, drilling cost and ABEX) and commercial valuation.

The risk assessments and uncertainty factors essential for an effective approach to any deal are also an integral part of the data room evaluation, which can be delivered digitally or in physical form, depending on client requirements.

Founded on a deep understanding of the E&P sector

Clients pursuing investments in the E&P sector have made it clear to us that having advisors and intelligence sources completely aligned with their aims is vital. It’s why we are firmly established as a reliable and compatible service partner when a deal is on the table.

AGR’s in-depth experience of this industry means we offer a unique perspective. Our people are fully engaged with the forces that are changing and reshaping this industry, able to share an independent view, which is valuable in supporting a deal.

With our Data Room service, clients also gain access to a vast database of non-confidential evaluations. We have a detailed understanding of the assets on the NCS. This helps clients focus on the critical issues in their specific region, whether that’s Europe, South America, Africa, Middle East, the South Atlantic or Australia.

A hub for deal-making intelligence

The AGR Data Room service acts as a safe hub for all the intelligence that needs to be gathered when preparing for a deal, and when in the hard bargaining phases. Our clients have found it invaluable in informing their judgements and key decisions.

  • Our evaluations experts help clients decide what to look for in building a target profile.
  • They will gather, structure and manage the flow of information to investment teams according to their deal objectives.
  • We provide volume assessments, cost and schedule assessments, commercial valuation and risk and uncertainty assessments.
  • Our experts bring insight to deals based on experience gained in front line operator services and from our trusted auditing and certification work.
  • We offer access to valuable data and learning from our research and detailed investigation of assets in the major E&P regions of the world.

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