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Well Management & Engineering

Wells are at the core of AGR’s business. Our mission is to optimise the value of well related operations for clients, right across the asset life cycle – from exploration to appraisal, development operations, and decommissioning.

Our experience has been earned working with every type of company, whether small independent operators, investors, government agencies or major well-known energy organisations.

Well Management

As a leading independent Well Project Management partner, we listen carefully to our clients, so that we understand their exact needs. Capturing and sharing lessons learned is the basis of our commitment to non-stop improvement and innovation.

We operate within a rigorously developed Well Delivery Process (WDP) to ensure compliance and quality. We also deliver game-changing efficiencies through our own well data intelligence software. Our portfolio of iQx™ platform applications create opportunities for energy companies to benefit from the significant advances being made in automating well time, risk and cost planning, tracking, experience storing, rig scheduling and reporting.

Track record


well projects delivered across 6 continents


ft drilled in
25+ countries


recorded LTIs

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