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Abandonment Design & Operations Planning and Execution

The scale of well abandonment underway across the world is changing the nature of this specialist work, which now more than ever demands greater resources and innovation. Few companies have enough dedicated technology and expert people to meet the challenges. Even fewer possess the knowledge and experience to innovate more efficient and cost effective methods of well decommissioning.

AGR are uniting with Add Energy bringing together in-depth expertise across well engineeringwell interventionsafetytechnical risk and well control. With combined operational expertise spanning 70 years, and knowledge and resources in well management and engineering, well control, and drilling software solutions, we have created a cohesive partnership that helps us to optimise the value of well related operations for our clients, right through the asset life cycle – from exploration to appraisal, development, operations and decommissioning.

AGR is an industry leader in this rapidly evolving space and our specialist teams have safely managed the decommissioning of 218 wells across the world, including multiple offshore full-field decommissioning projects.

An end-to-end decommissioning service that reduces costs and extracts value

The challenges presented by decommissioning mean these projects should only be managed by expert teams who have a proven track record of extracting as much value as possible from these wells.

The decommissioning of wells and production equipment comes with a unique set of technical and regulatory difficulties beyond the scope of traditional drilling and completion disciplines. It’s a high risk, low reward environment with no production upside, taking up valuable internal resources that can often be better spent pursuing core business activities.

So it makes sense to outsource this function. But finding the right trusted partner for such high profile, highly regulated, sensitive projects is vital to successful outcomes.

Operators can have total confidence in AGR’s decommissioning services, thanks to our three decades of front-line experience. In this time we have gained a reputation as an industry leader, driving innovation and operating at the forefront of compliance.

Our continual improvement is achieved through AGR’s Well Delivery Process, which is our blueprint for quality and value in all the services we provide. This process has governed our approach to large scale, full-field decommissioning activities globally.

Tailored, trusted solutions

Our clients achieve savings and unlock added value through innovative, collaborative solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of their project. We work through the entire process with them – from concept feasibility studies to the full-fledged removal of wells, subsea and topside infrastructure. The experience we have earned from our global decommissioning work and insight offered through powerful AGR technology also key.

AGR’s well decommissioning service includes the management of all key stages:

  • Regulatory approvals and stakeholder management
  • Abandonment concept select and detailed design
  • Interface with existing platform systems and equipment
  • Contracting
  • Third party management
  • Qualification of new technology
  • Development of work programs.

AGR is also proud to be a founding member of the Centre of Decommissioning Australia (CODA), a role that reflects our commitment to overall cost reduction and innovation in the decommissioning space.

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