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10.11.2023 Technical Safety & Risk Management Well Decommissioning

AGR helps deliver Safety Case for Woodside’s Nganhurra Riser Turret Mooring (RTM) decommissioning

Our team of Safety and Risk Management experts in Perth provided invaluable consultancy to Heerema Marine Contractors in ensuring the secure and sustainable removal of Woodside Energy’s decommissioned Nganhurra Riser Turret Mooring (RTM).

Last year, Heerema Marine Contractors secured the decommissioning contract from Woodside Energy, encompassing comprehensive engineering, preparation, removal, and transport of the Nganhurra RTM.

With over three decades of experience in updating and securing NOPSEMA Safety Case approvals, the AGR’s Technical Risk team’s proficiency played a pivotal role in gaining regulatory acceptance for Heerema’s vessel, Aegir, for the removal operation.

Located approximately 38 km north of the North West Cape, Western Australia, the Aegir, aided by three tugs, lifted the 2,500-ton RTM onto a 120m barge. The RTM is now en route to the Australian Marine Complex (AMC) near Perth, where it will undergo a thorough cleaning process to remove marine growth and be prepared for recycling and various reuse possibilities.

The Nganhurra RTM, measuring approximately 83 meters in length, served as the conduit for subsea production lines, transporting resources from the Enfield oil field to a Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) facility. With the cessation of production in November 2018, the removal of the RTM is an integral part of Woodside Energy’s decommissioning efforts at the Enfield field.

“At the outset of the project, we identified deficiency in the Australian legal requirements as a potential risk on this project. To address this challenge, we turned to AGR for their expertise. Your team have been effective and have provided timely assistance in updating and obtaining NOPSEMA Safety Case approval for the Aegir vessel,” AGR’s client shared in post-project wrap up meeting.

The confidence our client places in our safety and regulatory consultancy is reflected in their recommendation of our teams to other projects within Heerema planning operations in Australia.

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(picture Woodside Energy Ltd)