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The key to reducing decommissioning costs is to start with a clear sighted and full understanding of feasibility. Through our early stage feasibility studies for end of well life, we generate value for our clients from day one. The joined-up nature of our in-house expert technical teams means that clients receive a comprehensive feasibility evaluation that they can trust and make plans around confidently. These are carried out early enough so clients can maximise benefits in the decommissioning process and gain from global learning and emerging technologies in this field.

AGR are uniting with Add Energy bringing together in-depth expertise across well engineeringwell interventionsafetytechnical risk and well control. With combined operational expertise spanning 70 years, and knowledge and resources in well management and engineering, well control, and drilling software solutions, we have created a cohesive partnership that helps us to optimise the value of well related operations for our clients, right through the asset life cycle – from exploration to appraisal, development, operations and decommissioning.

A flexible, made to measure service

With large scale decommissioning activities ramping up globally, operators face a steep learning curve. Collaboration is key to achieve the cost reduction strategies that operators are searching for in this new age of asset closures. AGR is ahead of this curve, offering clients the flexibility to integrate our experts within their existing teams, or alternatively, providing a fully outsourced service option to free up internal resources.

Whatever the shape of the relationship with our clients, we are dedicated to uncovering cost reduction opportunities and helping operators seize them. Our specialists are experts in the assessment of the full suite of intervention vessels available. This ranges from light vessels, bespoke heavy intervention vessels to conventional rig or rigless based approaches. And where certain methodologies or vessel types inherently carry additional risk, through probabilistic time and cost estimation software our clients receive a clear and concise assessment of all possible outcomes.

Experienced in the most challenging locations

AGR has successfully completed feasibility studies for clients globally, with many of these assignments leading to our further engagement to deliver the detailed design, planning and execution phases of decommissioning.

Our studies have included:

  • Remote locations
  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • Deepwater
  • Platform rig less intervention
  • Horizontal and vertical trees
  • Reclassification of suspended wells as permanently abandoned.
Lynden Duthie

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