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Well Intervention & Workover

Our teams are highly experienced in overcoming the unique challenges surrounding well intervention and workover operations in elevated risk environments. Whether surface based or subsea, routine wireline or well recompletion, we provide clients with specialist teams equipped with everything they need to get the job done compliantly and successfully. Our experts bring with them the benefit of lessons learned from around the world and are supported by our own iQx™ software, which offers key insight and opportunities for significant efficiency gains.

Comprehensive, flexible and scalable

AGR clients receive a flexible, scalable service that covers all aspects of well intervention and workover. We offer full project management – from planning to development, operations and handover. Our specialists also manage regulatory approvals, such as compilation, submission, stakeholder engagement and close-out.

Every service is rigorously risk-assessed by our own probabilistic application P1™ in iQx™ software, to offer clients vital peace of mind. As part of our detailed planning phase, we deliver comprehensive work packs, work programmes and a suite of contingency operations.

Supporting these services are strong AGR contracting and tendering disciplines, built on proven partnerships with suppliers, and the full management of third party vendors. A cost-risk based assessment of LWI, HWI or a conventional rig-based approach is also provided to clients.

Harnessing innovation that reinstates production sooner

We deliver proven knowledge, methods and technologies within the intervention and workover space. Our professionals in this field have been responsible for successfully implementing innovative, cost effective solutions that have helped clients save very large sums and led to the faster reinstatement of production.

Our process for well intervention and workover ensures operations can progress even when surprises are encountered within the well, maximising the possibility for a successful outcome.

Proven teams of handpicked experts

An exceptional package:

  • The global experience of carefully assembled specialist teams
  • Total project management, including management of third party vendors
  • Expert AGR software that offers compelling insight and enables new efficiencies
  • Continuous innovation and advanced best global practice
  • Delivering cost savings and optimum reinstatement of production.

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